Identifying Your Website Audience

The Secret Of Identifying Your Website Audience

Ever experience creating a beautiful website but end up with very few leads? And if there is, you can't convert anything at all. What do you think went wrong? So basically, you might not be targeting the right audience. And this is a huge mistake if you want to have a good number of visitors and even sales for your e-products or services.

Factors To Consider To identify Your Website Audience

In this article, there are six significant factors you should consider in identifying your website audience. Let's get started!

  • Problem You Are Solving

Knowing the problem, you are solving is one of the basic or the most “common sense” factors to consider when targeting your website audience. Your product can either be a physical product or just information you want to share about something you know of.

It doesn't matter which type you run. You should find out the problems you are helping your customers and how you can solve that. Make sure you share the solutions you'll be giving them on each page of your website.

  • Audience Demographics

The demographic audience is descriptions about your target customers such as their age, gender, location, income level, hobbies, and many more. You can get information about your audience from surveys you create on your website. You may even hire a research group to analyze the demographics you want to target.

  • Budget Of Your Customer

Knowing how much your customers are willing to spend will help you adjust with what you are offering them and how you price the products or services you will be giving in return. So you have to know if your customers are on a tight budget or can afford expensive items as well.

  • Competition Analysis

Since you already know the problems you are solving and already identified your audience, you should check what others offer, such as your competitors. You should analyze their site, and you may even call their customer service to know what you are doing well for your customers and what you can improve.

  • Product Or Services You Offer

Products and services are also one of the main factors you have to consider in identifying your audience. There will be times that you think you already determine your audience. You're ready to offer what you have. Only to realize that you're wrong because you thought your audience needs what you're about to offer, but you found out they do not like what you have in mind. Always remember you can't assume you know your audience. You have to research first and understand them thoroughly before you start offering your services.

  • Resource You're Going To Use

In the end, you have identified your target audience, so now you should prepare the tools you need to help you draw more visits and sales. You should create valuable content. You may also invest in instant messenger services or even hire freelance writers you can find online.


In the end, once you identify your target audience, you'll already know what you're going to offer them and have them visit your website over and over. You may even see what you're going to share with them, and you will be able to convert them into sales because you already know how you will do it.

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