Online Commerce Trends In Web Design

Is Your Website Ready For Online Commerce?

It’s been estimated that there are well over 100,000 US-based retailers with online stores and eshops, each one producing over $12,000 of revenue each year through online commerce alone. What they all have in common is that they have web design that is specifically tailored towards an online commerce business. A good web design agency can make this happen for you.

In this competitive market, the corners of the commercial internet are looking to set themselves apart in some pretty creative ways in pursuit of keeping the customer satisfied. These range from the obvious, like making sure your site is mobile-friendly, to the futuristic, like the use of virtual reality and 3D content. Let’s take a look.

Future Proof Your Sites

All of this can seem overwhelming for a small business owner on a tight budget, but there is always something that you can incorporate into your design to keep it updated. It’s easy to check whether your web pages look good on a mobile device, and keeping in touch with existing customers is a great way to find out what they like and dislike about your products.

Even for product visualization, every shopper appreciates plenty of photos of the product, and free returns if it ends up not living up to the promise. In such a competitive online landscape, it’s important to do whatever you can to ensure your online business stands out. Offering these basics is a good way for you to establish a baseline, but make sure you also go above and beyond with a little something from time to time such as promotions and sales.

Let The Products Take Center Stage

Product visualization brings the sense that the product was made with the highest quality. It’s likely you’ve come across this on larger retail websites already with many items containing an option to, say, view a video of how a dress moves on a live model as they’re walking.

For businesses selling complex products, like vehicles or architecture, a 3D visualization can be the start of a conversation with a customer which can guide the final product towards exactly what the client wants.

Hold Customers’ Attention

Even after a customer has already made a purchase, many online stores now think about how to keep these people engaged long enough to consider making another purchase in the near future, creating a more regular relationship. Effective digital marketing means it’s no longer a large time commitment for even the smallest of businesses to set up a regular newsletter or keep their social media platforms active. 

In this way, previous customers stay informed about new products or promotions. For small brands, it’s often all about the story – if they can readily differentiate themselves from the big faceless brands out there and connect with consumers on an emotional, more personal, level. Regular communication provides a clear avenue to do this.

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