New Client Campaign Form

New Client Campaign Form

Hello and welcome, you’ve made an excellent decision to invest in a proven marketing system and we thank you for the trust and confidence that you’ve placed in us to manage this for you.

To take full advantage of this we require some information from you so we can properly set up your account.

Take some time to consider the following questions, give a lot of thought to it as your answers can be the difference between massive success and dismal failure.

Your answers will help us to target the best possible prospects and deliver the most appropriate message to them at precisely the right time.

Careless or poorly considered answers will result in similar results.

I would highly advise asking for input from colleagues and co-workers who may not be in marketing, as golden nuggets often are found from fresh eyes who are not looking at things from a “marketing perspective”.

We cannot begin working on your account or constructing landing pages until this is completed so a timely reply will be greatly appreciated.

Feel free to attach additional sheets if needed.

About This Form (Please Read)

This form represents the tool from which we craft your Adwords & Facebook Retargeting campaign. Information withheld, not included, or ignored only serves to lessen the quality of what we can potentially achieve for you.

  • The more specific you can be here, the more specific we can be in your final ads, landing pages etc and ultimately the quality of leads/prospects.
  • The more information you provide here, the better the results and the more qualified the prospects will be.

We reserve the right to fire any client (with immediate refund) that refuses to include the information needed to complete their project.

The only thing that we care about is creating the highest converting sales copy, adverts and campaigns that we can for you and deliver the results you require.

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