How To Make Money With Your Blog

Monetizing Your Blog To Earn More Revenue

Not many people are aware that a blog can actually help them earn some money. We’re not talking about pocket change worth a few dozen dollars. At Sharp Tack Media, we aim to be the best Portland web design firm, and deploying a profitable blog is also part of that. We’re talking about legitimate income just through blogging! Sounds simple enough right? Well, yes and no. Yes in the sense that the methods in earning are pretty straightforward. But not in the sense that it takes real skills to actually start increasing your revenue over time. 

Here’s a list of useful tips to help you start earning through your blog. 

You First Have To Prep Your Blog

Provide Useful And Interesting Content

Yes, you can earn money through blogs, but not every blog can earn money. You also can’t start earning money the same day you deployed your blog. You have to first work your way from the ground up. I’m talking about building an actual blog that provides useful and interesting content. The words ‘useful’ and ‘interesting’ may seem vague here since there are just so many topics to choose from. From food, travel, to product reviews and any more, any topic is ‘useful’ and ‘interesting’ in their own unique way. However, once you do find your niche, remember to construct in a way that not only is relevant to you but also to your intended audience. 

Promote Your Blog 

Making a blog is serious work on its own. However, promoting it is a whole new realm. You can’t start earning if people don’t know about your blog. If you’re confident that your blog has content interesting enough that’ll make people want to visit and read it, then you should start promoting it. Employ as many methods as you can. From simple referrals between your friends and family, to actively spreading the word through social media, do as much as you can to promote your blog.  

You Can Now Start Earning

There are many ways to earn through blogging such as selling your own products and other services you may have. But here are two of the most popular ways to earn blogging revenue. 


Advertising can be found everywhere from newspapers, magazines, television, online videos, you name it. It generally is big business so it’s no surprise that ads also have their place in blogs. If a relevant business or company finds your blog to their liking, then they’ll pay you to place their ad in your blog. They might even ask you to review a product or service of theirs and have you feature it in your blog. But do keep in mind that blogs that enjoy high levels of popularity and traffic can mostly benefit from advertising. After all, why would any company or business invest in an ad on a blog that only receives 5 visitors a week? In short, you can earn money through advertising but only if your blog is really good. 

Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is somewhat similar to advertising but much more forgiving. In affiliate marketing, you promote a service or product from another third-party. Whenever a viewer or visitor clicks on the link leading to that service or product, you then get rewarded with commissions. Sounds awesome right? You bet it does! There are many companies and businesses out there that offer affiliate programs. 

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that it won’t matter a whole lot of your blog doesn’t have a high volume of traffic. In the end, you only get paid through the pay-per-click actions from your blog’s visitors. Granted, having a popular blog can definitely boost your revenue. Even if your blog only receives an ample amount of visitors, you still get paid in the end. But still, having a lot more visitors will definitely boost your affiliate marketing revenue. 


No matter which revenue-generating method you choose for your blog, what’s important above all the rest is that you must always strive to improve your blog. It’s a healthy way of thinking to treat your blog a passion in itself.  Earning money through your blog is just something that comes after. Yes, we all want to earn money but remember that what successful bloggers have in common is that they love what they’re doing. 

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