How To Write Winning Product Descriptions

Writing Product Descriptions Is A Profitable Skill

Writing product descriptions is a craft on its own. Trying to create a marketable narrative of a product is easier said than done. But that doesn’t mean you should always aim to be the Ernest Hemingway of product descriptions. If you can learn the crucial aspects of product description writing, then you can catapult the marketability of any product you want to write about and do yourself a huge favor in terms of conversion rate optimization.

Writing in any form takes a considerable amount of practice but this article will help you get a head start by giving you extremely helpful tips in product description writing. From there, you already have an established foundation where you can build upon your writing skills for you description.

Listed below are 5 tips you can follow to make great product descriptions

Know Your Product

Every class of product has its own corresponding verbiage and terminology. The way someone writes to describe the features of electronics and computer hardware has to change their style of writing for another class of product, such as furniture and fashion items. Examine your product and find out what kind of relevant terms can best describe it.

In addition to terminology, also pinpoint what kind of mood should you write with what’s appropriate for the product. Depending on the product, should you write with a touch of elegance? With clear-cut and no-nonsense words? Should you be a little bit more informal and relax your language?

Who Are You Trying To Sell Your Product To? 

In tandem with knowing your product, it also helps to know who’s your target audience. By doing so, you can further pinpoint the words and writing style that not only is appropriate for the product, but is also fitting for your target audience. Find out what is it about your product that matters to your target audience.

If you’re selling sports equipment, pinpoint which class of athletes is your specified sports equipment ideal for. Further pinpoint the features of your product that are attractive for your target audience and choose specific terms and writing style that can make your target audience “tick”.

Turn Product Features Into Selling Points

Some readers turn straight to the product features section and skip any introductory monologues. This is where you must focus most of your effort when it comes to product descriptions. If you really want your product to sell, don’t just merely ‘describe’ your products. Yes, product descriptions does mean describing your product but write it in a marketable and even seductive manner.

For example, instead of plainly writing “This product features X”, try “This product features better and improved X”. It’s describing the same thing but enticing your audience involves describing your product with comparative adjectives to make your product appear to be a unique and worthy purchase. 

Be Economic With The Word Count 

You’re making a product description, not a novel. Some readers scan the entire page first making sure it’s not a lengthy narrative that wastes their time. Your audience wants to know everything they can about the product and you can deliver so by minimizing your word count but also maximizing each word’s descriptive potency.

Have It Proofread

You’ve been told countless times from your teachers in grade school, middle school, and high school all the way to your professors in college to proofread your writing work. Product description writing is not exempt from this universal principle. Have your work proofread not only by yourself but most importantly, by someone else. This removes the possibility of your own bias from corrupting the proofreading process.

A third party can better spot out technical and syntax errors along with stylistic inconsistencies. Remember that your product description will be read by everyone interested in your product, so make sure to have it proofread by someone else before publishing it.


You should keep in mind that even the best product description can’t do the job alone in terms of marketing your product. Accompany a great product description with appealing product pictures. Neither one is more important than the other but both share equal responsibility in marketing a product.

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