Custom Web Design – Why You Should Consider It

Benefits of Custom Website Design

As a website owner, you’re probably asking right now why should you waste any effort in having a custom website built? After all, why not just go to WordPress and use one of their templates? For beginners, website builders such as WordPress have stock templates with varying aesthetic styles. The templates have all the tools you need for for page customization such as adding pages, uploading whatever form of content you want, customizing toolbar layouts and etc. All of that is definitely true. However, stock templates won’t get you too far in terms of building a custom website that properly reflects your brand. Stock templates have limited features and flexibility. Also, chances are, tens of thousands of website owners probably is using the same template you have. If you want to have a truly unique website that is specifically is customized to cater your idiosyncratic needs as a website owner, then consider hiring a professional that is knowledgeable in custom web design. Who said you have to do custom web designing alone?

Flexible Customization

If you’ve ever used any template from any website builder site such as WordPress, you’d probably be satisfied with what you get. However, as your website grows, you’ll eventually want more features out of your website. You probably want your navigation to be arranged in a specific way, possibly with specific fonts, or you want a web page to feature content in a unique manner. Stock templates have those features, but only allow flexibility up to a certain point. If you don’t have the necessary coding skills to breach that barrier, then it can be difficult to get things exactly how you want them.

Custom web designers also take into consideration about the long-term maintenance of your website. Inquire from your chosen custom web designer about the possibility of designing the website in such as way that is user-friendly for you to use. So if you want to customize your website even further, then you can have your custom web designer integrate user-friendly features such as page builder plugins that allow even those not proficient in coding to customize their website at their own liberty.

Establishes Your Website’s Own Identity

Serious website owners want their website to stand out from the rest. They’ve grown to the point that stock templates simply won’t suffice because they’re aware that thousands of website owners are using the same template. A custom web designer, as their profession suggests, will help you achieve the style and aesthetic you want out of your website. A well-designed and visually appealing website will attract more traffic and and raise brand loyalty. When it comes to unique web designs however, it’s important to balance aesthetic and ease-of-navigation. You don’t want a flashy theme to cloud the user-friendliness of your website.The average internet user has a higher chance of returning to a website that is not only visually appealing but is also easily navigable.

Enhances Security

A custom website is also less prone to hacking and tampering. Website owners that use stock templates are more vulnerable to hackers simply due to the fact that many users are using them. Hackers who familiarize themselves with a specific template’s code are then able to easily hack hundreds of users that utilize that specific template. However, a custom website is usually developed using a unique coding canvas that makes it less vulnerable to hackers.

Main Takeaways

The key benefits of custom web design inevitably outweighs the costs in hiring a professional to build your site based on all of the considerations above. When it comes to free stock templates, you get what you pay for. It might be enough for you in the beginning but it will never suffice the needs of a serious website owner. When you are ready to expand your brand and want a website that is uniquely yours then it is time to hire a professional.

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