What is Woocommerce?

Flexible WordPress Framework

Everyone is familiar with the e-commerce giants such as Amazon and Ebay but can a small entrepreneur compete with such titans? Are you worried that your online store does not have a gigantic warehouse full of inventory and an expert team of website developers? Worry not, as if you want a head start, then Woocommerce has the resources in helping you create an ecommerce website that meets your entrepreneurial needs. Woocommerce is an easily expandable ecommerce store that is intuitive and requires a much less steep learning curve than one of it’s biggest rivals in Magento.

As of 2017, Builtwith states that Woocommerce is the largest e-commerce choice for websites across the entire web. If you’re considering building a website on WordPress, then consider downloading the e-commerce extension Woocommerce.

Why is Woocommerce web design so popular amongst online entrepreneurs? Woocommerce is the ideal platform for any online seller, both small and large. Don’t stress too much as to whether it might be too difficult in creating a website, let alone an e-commerce site because Woocommerce is conveniently designed to provide you all tools you need and the ease of access in developing your online store.

If you wanna know more details about Woocommerce then you can check out this informative video:

Woocommerce Overview

Good Collection of Themes and Templates

Woocommerce is built to work with the WordPress platform and as such can work with nearly any WordPress theme as long as it has the necessary coding to tie into Woocommerce. Even if the theme is missing the required coding, it can be easily added by an experienced WordPress developer.

Accommodate all Kinds of Products and Services

Woocommerce also provides you the option of selling non-physical products such as digital products, downloads and e-books. No matter what your product, Woocommerce allows you to fully customize your inventory. For example, if you’re selling a variety of shirts, then Woocommerce can accommodate even the most diverse of inventory by giving you options to attach specifications to products such as t-shirt sizes so that your consumers may find it even easier to further tweak and specify their product choice. Woocommerce also has additional tools for tracking your inventory and the quantity of your products and lets you know which product of your inventory is in need of restocking.

Provides Multiple Payment and Shipping Options

Woocommerce is easily integrated to prominent payment services such as PayPal and credit card processing. If you want to provide your customers with more payment options, then Woocommerce can accommodate check and cash-on-delivery payments. Quick tip; if you plan on selling and expanding in Southeast Asia where cash-on-delivery is more common, then Woocommerce has you covered.

Most importantly, Woocommerce has easy integration with multiple shipping companies such as Fedex and UPS. You may even set more shipping preferences such as free-shipping, flat rates, local-delivery and even international shipping. If your customers are located outside your home country, then Woocommerce can calculate the total shipping costs and any additional taxes to your customer’s country of delivery.

Hire a Woocommerce Web Developer!

If the process of website developing seems too complicated or you simply don’t have enough time on your hands, then hire Sharp Tack Media as your woocommerce web developer! We are specialists in developing your very own fully customized e-commerce solution. We will take note of all of your personal entrepreneurial specifications and product inventory so that your website can not only be convenient as an online seller to manage but also very easy for your customers to navigate.

E-commerce is undoubtedly the world’s current super trend in regards to shopping and selling. As more people around the world browse online, their shopping choices expand and the traditional way of shopping at physical locations is becoming less common. More and more consumers are now opting for the ease and convenience of shopping online. Consumers need to worry less about a multitude of factors such as commute time, the time-consuming process of wandering around stores examining their inventory, and the most dreaded of all; waiting in line with other inpatient shoppers.

You can benefit through e-commerce by expanding your consumer base and going international rather than relying on consumers within your local area. Nevertheless, if you’re serious about developing a bonafide e-commerce website, then hire a Woocommerce web developer to do it for you, so you can then focus on running and growing your business.

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