Web Development

Bring Your Web Development Dreams to Life

We're a development team that’s obsessed with bringing you quality content using cutting-edge techniques at a fraction of the cost.

We'll increase your online presence by using tools like digital marketing, custom website development, lead generation and user experience optimization.

We specialize in website design and using design principles and using different technical aspects to give you a comprehensive and full service.

What Separates Sharp Tack Media From Other Web Development Companies?

Here at Sharp Tack Media, we take to heart the trust and confidence you put in us. We take that extra step to make sure that you get the service that you paid for.

We go above and beyond in providing you with an innovative, fun and collaborative website development process.

A Dedicated Web Development Team

Aside from the countless years of working experience our web development team has, they also have a unique outlook on the development process. Our dev team loves solving problems in a creative way.

We make sure that our working environment here is as engaging and collaborative as possible to promote healthy working habits that open up their minds for creative solutions.

Efficient Processes

We've had years upon years to develop the processes that we use to optimize workflow and productivity. We use these workflows to maximize the time that is allotted to us since time is an essential part of the cost of web development services.

Affordable and Reasonable Costs

We're not here to tell you that you'll have to pay next to nothing for our web development services but we believe we offer the best value around. Yes, we have affordable prices, but you also have to understand that quality takes resources.

We offer packages and services that are priced according to only what you need. We don't hide shady “fees” that are phrased in such a way that you can't understand.

Our breakdowns are fair and accurate and present all the information that you need.

What We Do Here At Sharp Tack Media

Our project managers are experienced experts in each of their fields which include responsive design, content management systems, building websites, optimizing existing sites, graphic design and information technology.

This allows us to have a broad understanding of the industry like no other website development service.

Custom Websites

We understand the power and accessibility that pre-made themes offer, but we're firm believers that nothing beats the flexibility, utility and sheer freedom that a custom site offers.

You'll get to tweak and tailor every aspect of your site according to what you want and, most importantly, that your target audience wants. After all, what use of amazing content and an outstanding site if it's not aimed towards your audience. 

Responsive Web Design

Our specialists are proficient in all aspects of the front and back-end skills needed for responsive web design using open source technologies. 

Responsive design makes it so that your site works flawlessly and smoothly on any device, especially on mobile devices. 

Lead Generation

We have a knack for generating leads. We have tried and tested methods of garnering links from reputable sources with high domain authorities. 

Web Applications

Deploying web applications is a must when developing a custom website. You'll achieve your website goals faster if your site has web apps that give your site functionality that surpasses the competition. 

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the crutch of your site's visibility and capacity to gain clicks and traffic. SEO allows search engines to “see” your site and make it rank higher on SERPS.

We use tools and techniques that allow us to peer into the deeper meaning of user's queries and allow us to pinpoint how to optimize your site to rank and answer these queries.

SEO is essentially the practice of refining your site's content and other determining factors like metadata to answer people's queries. Search engines like Google have algorithms that try to communicate to their servers what pages are most relevant to user's searches. We'll make sure that you rank high for the keywords that are relevant to your site.

We're waiting for you. We're here to make your ideas into tangible and profitable projects that will make you known and respected throughout the web space.

Make the right choice. Choose Sharp Tack Media.