Malware Protection

Nobody wants to be the victim of malware, especially if you’re a business owner with a large portion of your business taking place online. One unlucky day is all it takes for hackers to get access to all your data and take you for everything you have.

Good thing you’ve found us.

At Sharp Tack Media, we’ve handled malware protection development for some pretty big companies over the years. We’ve identified key markers on what makes a solid malware protection plan.

Our edge over the competition is that we have a dedicated team of developers with a mix of seasoned professionals that supply the teams with years and years of indispensable knowledge and wide-eyed neophytes who aren’t that experienced but what they lack in sheer number of years, they more than make up for in tenacity and energy.

This winning combination is what allows us to see problems from plenty of angles and perspectives.

But before exploring all the ways you can get protected, let’s take a look at what malware really is and the different types that can attack you anywhere, anytime.

Common Malware Attacks


This is probably what you think of first when you hear of malware. These are programs that can be deployed on your machine by a number of ways (downloading of .exe files via shady links is the most common) and can do a number of things to your files once executed.

  • Viruses can replicate their code infinitely until your system or your site crashes making them nigh impossible to use. This is often reversible, however, by just location the main virus file and deleting it.
  • They can also alter and delete data, causing irreversible damage to your system and sites.
  • Can infect other files “infecting” them by replacing the files with their own.


As the name suggests, spyware are pieces of software whose main purpose is to spy on users by collecting valuable information, personal information that it can use to do some serious damage to you.

These can include very sensitive information like bank details and other credentials. In short, no one likes to be spied on.


This type of malware can be particularly dangerous as it disguises itself as a legitimate piece of software. Like it's namesake, once it's entered your system, it then proceeds to tamper with your security.

It creates vulnerabilities for other malware to enter freely, or it just does the damage itself.


This isn’t as much dangerous as it is annoying. These programs continuously run annoying ads that may debilitate your system.

The real danger comes with the types of ads these malware run and the additional malware they let in when you click on these ads. And let’s face it, nobody wants ads.


These are malware whose specialty is infecting entire network systems and everything connected to them. This process can grow exponentially as worms use other infected devices to infect subsequent devices.

We Offer a Consolidated Solution For Your Security Needs

We've worked with countless clients in the past, providing advanced malware protection tailored to what your site needs.

Our competitors have this strategy that they use, they don't actually consult you regarding what you need or what your business actually does. They just apply the same old blanket security that they've been using for the last decade to provide you with a “comprehensive service package”. The truth is that this is just a lazy approach.

We at Sharp Tack Media make it our priority to know our clients and only provide them with the services they need.

Certain malware is attracted to certain sites. You can't simply put a blanket piece of code and say the job's done.

Malware detection and removal has become one of our specialties. We have dedicated developers who have years upon years of experience dealing with malware processes.

Each form of malware has its own way of infecting and damaging data, networks, systems even sites. So each one requires its own method of removal. Good for you we know all the ins and outs of malware removal.

We'll make sure to cover all the bases that YOU need. Nothing more, nothing less.

So, what are you waiting for? Protect your files and your sites, because protecting them is the first step towards protecting your online business, your livelihood.

Hire us now and experience web security like never before.