Enchanted Sphynx

Enchanted Sphynx

EnchantedSphynx was a great project to work on. It was for a small sphynx cattery located in Eastern Oregon. We had a wonderful partnership with the owner and worked with her for over 6 years until she ultimately retired.

We provided her full website design and maintained it regularly. Each year, she had 2 litters of kittens who were added and removed from the website as they became available and sold.

We also designed and assisted in dealing with the printers for all of the print material (business cards/postcards/fliers etc) as well as all of the digital marketing.

With our custom marketing plan every litter that was available was completely sold before the kittens were even ready to go to their new homes. This resulted in a 1000+ person mailing/waiting list that we used to market products to sell from her ecommerce store as well as retired cats that were ready to go to their forever homes.

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