Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Search Engine Marketing has given the world of marketing a whole slew of options in marketing. Never has it been this easy to tap into a vast collection of resources to identify key aspects in your user's spending and browsing habits.

We at Sharp Tack Media dedicate ourselves to the perfection of this craft. We have dedicated analysts and marketing experts that have continuously learned the evolving field of marketing. From the days of door-to-door salesmen to this new era of SEO marketing, there is no type of marketing that we haven't had direct experience in.

What’s SEO’s Role In the Digital Marketing Space?

SEO has so many concepts and practices that overlaps with digital marketing and marketing in general.

SEO is all about analyzing trends and patterns in an effort to funnel users towards certain sites, consuming your content, and buying your products. It’s almost the textbook definition of marketing.

SEO, however, will give you an edge in this era of search engines and Google. Google has become such an integral part of how we use the internet that it’s hard to imagine a world where Google and search engines don’t exist.

SEO’s aim is to make it easier for Google and other search engines to see and display your sites, reaching more people and gaining more traffic.

Major Types of SEO Services We Can Do Based On Scale

Local SEO

This type of SEO is best for small businesses and local shops that have a physical location. Google makes use of GPS settings to rank your business. It uses metrics such as conversion scores and the geographical location of those conversions to see whether your business should be trusted and linked for your locality, showing up in local packs, maybe appearing in featured snippets when users search for a local business.

To learn more about how we conduct  Local SEO, follow this link.

National SEO

This is a long-term investment that can set your business apart from the competition. You can say that it’s similar to Local SEO, but rather than focusing on specific keywords, we’ll focus on ranking and optimizing for broader, higher volume keywords.

With our innovative techniques and cutting-edge tools, we guarantee our clients with steady and sustainable growth. To know more about our National SEO packages, click here.

Ecommerce SEO

Customers today spend more time researching a product more than ever, even if it’s a low-cost product. On more expensive items, they may take more than 14 days of research before purchasing something.

It’s important that you take all the steps to ensure that your product gets shortlisted and, eventually, bought.

Take a look at our data-driven and analytical Ecommerce SEO programs here.

Here Are Some of the SEO Digital Marketing services we offer.

Social Media Marketing

Marketing on social media has become a beast all on its own. Since the advent of social media, businesses have looked for ways to tap into that traffic market. If you successfully manage to market successfully on social media, you can literally have a 100-fold increase in your marketing reach.

Marketing on mobile devices has also become a huge part of digital marketing.
We have extensive knowledge and experience on Social Media Marketing making us the perfect partner for you to reach out to your target audience through social media marketing.


Marketing is one of those topics that people are a little sensitive to. In truth, nobody really wants to feel like they're being marketed to.
Letting your users feel like they're being overly-marketed towards will make them less likely to click and stay on your site. The key is using SEO to find ways to market organically so your target audience doesn't get turned off.

Search Engine Optimization for Marketing is a staple here at Sharp Tack Media. SEO for Digital Marketing, in particular, is one of our core services. We assure you that we'll take every step possible to ensure your digital marketing needs are met and exceeded.

Link Building

On-page SEO involves all the changes you make physically to your site for it to tank higher, off-page SEO involves external optimization processes that occur away from your site.

The main techniques used for off-page SEO is Link Building. Quality backlinks from credible sites will not only boost your site's visibility on SERPs but will also increase your site's domain and content authority.

Other SEO techniques we can use are keyword research, site audits, and anchor text optimizations.