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Here at Sharp Tack Media, we're dedicated to overcoming limitations that you might be experiencing with your Ecommerce sites.

While you can do your own sales copy and launch your own SEO campaigns, but the advantage of partnering up with a dedicated digital marketing agency, like Sharp Tack Media, is that we already have experts on this subject who will take the time and effort to do all the necessary steps to drive your organic search rater through the roof.

We make use of cutting edge techniques such as link building, keyword research, dedicated market strategy and marketing campaign creation, and lead generation. These are just some of the services that we've mastered offer the years.

Ecommerce SEO has become an integral part of any online site if it wants to go up in organic rankings and pull in quality traffic. We have a winning team that can take you where you need to go.

We specialize in any sort of ecommerce platform you use and can even recommend platforms to your business depending on your content.

Take a Look At What Sharp Tack Media Can Do For You

Product Page Enhancement

Your product pages are what your target audience sees first. Potential customers input keywords and Google uses its algorithm to answer their query as best as it can. You need quality content on your product pages and also unique content to appeal to Google's ranking factors.

We at Sharp Tack Media provide you with a service that can increase your site visibility by using our time-tested methods involving extensive keyword research to optimize your targeted keywords.

We make sure that all your relevant keywords are covered so that your product listings appear where they should be.

We'll also make sure that you don't have competitive keywords because they may negatively affect your results page rankings. You need to make sure that you only have a few keywords for specific search terms.

We'll also optimize your product pages if you decide to do so.  Your product pages need to follow a clear and effective market strategy in order for them to rank well.

Site Structure Optimization

A good ecommerce site will rank well on Google. If you have a lot of good backlinks with high domain authority, then your online visibility will increase. However, some times obtaining high DA backlinks is not in the budget. We can help you shortcut the process and build on what you already have.

We can provide you with services that will optimize your website structure, modern web design, product page optimization, revise your site architecture, and improve your web content which will all yeild better results when combined with the marketing you already do such as backlink building.

Google ranks pages on a number of factors and one major ranking factor is how easy your site can be “crawled”. Having a well-structured site that provides your customers with a good user experience will boost your conversion rates.

We'll make sure that your site's internal linking is strong so your customers can navigate your store easily, have advanced Schema markup that enables us to secure online media coverage and inbound links to some of the internet's most trusted sources, and provide you with tools that can deal well with structured data to keep your store healthy and efficient (for site speed and site links).

Smart Content Marketing

Search Engine Optimization for ecommerce involves techniques that need to set their online store apart from the thousands of others on the web.

A good way of doing this is by the use of efficient content marketing. Site visitors will want an online store on the results page that answers their purchasing questions and that they see value in.

Here at Sharp Tack Media, We'll provide you with leading strategies from years of experience that will make you rank highly on any search engine results page. We'll use avenues such as social media to apply your marketing strategy.

You'll need quality landing pages, image optimization, and information architecture if you want your content to spread and get clicks. Lucky for you, we can do all these things and more.

Advanced Keyword Research

Doing exhaustive and extensive keyword research is one of the most important steps in good ecommerce SEO and we, at Sharp Tack Media, are experts in conducting a thorough sweep of the primary keywords that will cater to your target market.

We'll research potential keywords in addition to your traditional keywords to expand your reach. We also make use of keyword identification tools that make this process much shorter since keyword identification is one of the most time-consuming processes in commerce SEO.

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