Local SEO

Local SEO Marketing Services

Local SEO makes use of the greatest tool you can have in digital marketing: patterns. Google and other search engines rely on complex patterns to function the way it does. Essentially, search engines are just advanced pattern recognition software that takes into account user queries and tries to answer them accordingly.

Here at Sharp Tack Media, we've built quite the arsenal in Local SEO. We've worked with countless companies and businesses in building their online presence and other Local SEO-related campaigns using local search to boost local listing numbers.

Drive traffic into your site and increase revenues by using Search Engine Optimization and inbound marketing. We at Sharp Tack Media can do exactly that. Let's discuss how.

Make The Most Out of Your Business With These Local SEO Services

Keyword Research

Good keyword research is one of the hallmarks of a successful Local SEO campaign. You cannot skip this step as every other succeeding step in Local SEO will depend on keyword research.
We make it our mission to do outstanding and exhaustive keyword research to make sure that you rank for every keyword that's relevant to your business.

Our Workflow Is Better Than Our Competitors

We take advantage of Google

We take the information Google provides and we've focused our efforts on tailoring our keyword research to what Google expects from a query and semantic relationship. Google is the leading search engine on the planet and, as number one, Google wants to provide the best search engine results to its users. So why not use Google to find out what relevant consumers are looking for when they search for brands like yours? Yet another one of the best keyword research tips for small businesses is to use Google Suggest to find additional keywords which we rely on heavily.

Multi-Faceted Approach

We use both Off-page and On-page SEO - if you focus too much on one or the other, you won't get the entire picture. That's why here at Sharp Tack Media use all available On and Off-page SEO tools to help you boost local recognition and ranking of your local business.

Local Search Engine Optimization

We ensure that you are targeting the best terms and opportunities for your local area using the most effective way to market your local business online. Keyword research for Local Search is the key to increasing visibility and searching for your site in Google's local pack. This way, you can outpace and outrank the competition.​

Local SEO for Mobile

Around 70% of searches are likely to contact a local business because they can access searches on the go. This makes them more inclined to visit your store when they search for the related keywords.

The success of local search is dependent on many factors that all rely on Google's algorithm. The Possum and Pigeon updates have changed the way Google looks at and processes queries, and we've spent a considerable amount of time learning how Google likes to answer these queries.

We'll make sure that your site ranks highly on mobile and we can even get your site to appear on Google's local packs, which will boost your traffic significantly.

Local SEO Marketing

We're quite adept at coming up with marketing strategies that take advantage of Local SEO to boost search results of your business page.
As one of the leading Local SEO Services in the US, we'll promote your local business using marketing techniques on social media, business listings, using local citation, and even online directories to boost your site's traffic.

Google My Business Listing

This is a very versatile and lightweight tool that we use pretty frequently on Local SEO to manage your site”s presence on Google. Google My Business Listing can help customers find your business and tell them your story at the same time.

Link Building

Another great Local SEO strategy, Link Building will greatly improve where you rank in Google search, mobile search, and local result SERPS. Search results are often influenced by how strong your backlinks are.
Here at Sharp Tack Media, we've developed time-proven techniques to boost your ability to rank on local search results.

NAP Optimization

If you want your business to appear in Google's Local SEO pack, you'll need to make sure that your NAP (name, address, and phone number) are exactly the same everywhere it's located.

Citations using your NAP will also help your customers find your business. We can do an extensive optimization campaign and make sure that your business' NAP is consistent across all your pages, and across every site it's located