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Website Design Services

If you are looking for a top rated design company in the Portland area then look no further. We have a full staff with experts in every field. We have built hundreds of websites for companies in the local area as well as worldwide. We have experience in taking concepts and turning them into full fledged brands that become staples in their industry. Some of our many services include:

Website Development

We can develop full functional mobile friendly websites that fit your vision perfectly and set you up for success online. We have a rigorous process that we go through and we consult with you every step of the way to make sure that every element of the site meets your needs.

WordPress Development

We are experts in WordPress development with over 500 custom themes to our credit. We specialize in pushing WordPress to the max and making it do creative things that it was never intended to handle. Whether it is a custom theme, plugin, integration, eccommerce or anything in between, we can handle it with ease.

Graphic Design

We have 2 graphic designers on staff and they make visions into reality. We can take the most basic concepts and turn them into masterpieces. Whether you need graphic design for web, print, branding, or just general concept graphics Sharp Tack Media has got you covered.

Logo Design

We love doing logos! As the first impression of a company, the importance of a quality logo that properly reflects a brand cannot be overstated. It is important that your logo is memorable without being distracting. We can help you develop a logo that you will be proud of and can help give your branding the individuality that it deserves to really stand-out.

Lets Discuss Your Project

We pride ourselves on being honest, having fast turnaround times and great customer service. We understand that there are budgets of all sizes and we do our best to work with all website design budgets. We will work with you to go over the specifications of your project and create a plan of action that addresses all of your needs in the most efficient manner. We specialize in providing the most value possible to our clients and coming up with creative solutions that cut down on development time and most importantly, save you money!

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