Brand Strategy: Why It Is Super Important

Proper Branding For Success

Keep in mind the word ‘proper’ when thinking about branding. A simple company logo, no matter how flashy or eye-provoking, does not constitute proper branding. It is indeed one of the primary foundations of branding, but proper branding is a bit more complex. Proper branding represents the entirety of a company’s reception from the public and it must convey the quality of its products, services, and reputation.

There are reasons why major corporations invest so much in marketing and advertising, not only to showcase their products and services, but also, to improve public recognition – so that the products become so familiar that they can instantly be recognized as soon as they are spotted. Don’t be fooled into thinking that proper branding only concerns major corporations and large businesses. A small business can greatly enhance their standing if they adopt proper branding strategies. To give you a broad idea as to why proper branding matters to all businesses, here’s a list of benefits of having a proper branding strategy, no matter what size of business you operate.

Improves Recognition

Proper branding improves the business brand recognition. The importance of a proper logo can’t be ignored in promoting a business’s public image, but businesses shouldn’t solely rely on logos as their branding strategy. When done right, recognition should encompass the logo, company colors, and the industry the company operates in. The business must repeatedly provide consumers with a consistent visual or auditory learning experience. This type brand recognition effectively makes any business more profitable as more and more people will be more aware of the quality of your products and services.

Customer Loyalty And New Custom Acquisition

Companies should ideally make regular and valued presence in their customer’s lives. As current customers become familiar with a company’s products and services, the more likely they will identify, associate and be loyal to the brand over time. Having a strong social media campaign can definitely establish brand awareness. A proper branding strategy also attracts new customers which can result to word-of-mouth marketing. Remember a time when your friend referred to you to a new product by a company you always see in commercials and billboards? Wooing new audiences is essentially one of the spillovers that proper branding can do for a business.

Creates A Motivated Workforce

A company’s employees will find themselves more motivated and compelled to achieve the company’s mission and vision. Motivated employees can do wonders by delivering more creative and high-quality outputs. Self-actualized employees will also assist in steering the company’s direction to more successful and profitable ventures. In terms of hiring prospects, a recognizable company can often attract more competitive and skillful applicants who wish to be part of the company’s high-profile status. We often hear IT graduates and software developers wanting to work for companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, and Twitter and many more media giants. Those big names have become recognizable brands over the years and they have invested a great deal of effort and resources in creating a brand that people both want to buy from and work for.

Proper Brands Make For Good Advertising

Over the years, big-name companies have undergone a total overhaul of their branding image starting with their logos. As mentioned before, logos aren’t the only thing about branding, although a powerful logo is important nonetheless. Many familiar brands that we encounter in our daily lives have revamped the aesthetics of their logo. The rapid pace of technology development of the years created a new challenge for companies to have their brands appear in multiple platforms. For example, the small dimensions of app logos on mobile devices isn’t ideal for wordy and stuffy logos. Companies then started to feature a refreshing aesthetic of their logos that is compatible in all media platforms the modern world can offer. Notice the previous logo of Airbnb compared to its current one. The current logo of Airbnb is much more refined that it can be viewed in multiple media platforms. The graphic design of the logo is easily recognizable around the world. This shows the power of a truly well-crafted and created business branding, which can reach beyond language barriers and be universally applicable if treated correctly.

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