Church Web Design

Church Website Design

Churches are an essential part of the community. They serve as a gathering place for members to come together and worship, learn about spirituality, accomplish Sunday services, and more.

Many churches also need a great-looking site that does what they need it to do to support this goal – communicate what they are about to attract new members.

However, designing a radiant church website that stands out from the rest can be tricky. You want to make sure your site is attractive, easy to navigate, and captures the essence of your organization. Also, it would help if you remembered the different ways people will use your site: from desktop computers to smartphones.

If this sounds like it's too much for one person to take on alone, don't worry!

Here at Sharp Tack Media, we have years of experience designing websites for churches just like yours! We offer a full range of services so you can get everything done without having to go anywhere else.

In addition, we'll provide everything you need (and more!) from design templates and hosting packages when it comes time for a new website or redesign.

Why Should Your Church Invest In Website Design

Your goal is to market your church through the internet and reach out to potential new members. There are many ways that a church can accomplish this, and designing a church website is one of them.

* Reach A Larger Audience

Church websites are an excellent way to reach out to new members and potential church attendees. They enable people worldwide who can't make it into your physical building on Sunday mornings to see what your church is about.

With a website design that includes videos or pictures of church services, you'll be able – in a sense – to attend church with those who can't make it.

* Increase Your Church Reach And Membership

Creating an attractive and user-friendly website is one of the best ways for you to increase your church's membership. When people have access to relevant information about what your church does, how they worship, where their Sunday meetings are held, and more, they are much more likely to join.

*Build Credibility For Your Church's Online Presence

Most churches convey their mission and values through their website. When people are introduced to a church for the first time, they want to know how it will fit into their lives. These may include questions like,

What activities do you offer?

What is your belief system?

If your church has already invested in web design, then these questions can be quickly answered.

*Keep Up With Modern Technology

With the changes in technology and the way people communicate, church websites have become a necessity. When you provide information about your church in an online space accessible by anyone at any time, it removes barriers. This step makes everyone more involved with what's happening inside of your church walls.

This is just the beginning – we offer many more services to church leaders and members.

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment with one of our experts, please contact us today!

Why Sharp Tack Media for Church Websites

First off, Sharp Tack Media is a full-service church website design company. We can do the entire website marketing, design, and branding process – so you can make one call to get all three services!

Also, our team comprises highly skilled web designers and developers that care deeply about your church and its mission. We're experts in the latest trends, technologies, methods, and tools for building a church website – so it's impossible to find someone who knows more than we do!

* Professional And Great Church Websites

We offer professional services that church leaders can rely on to make an easy-to-navigate and attractive site for visitors and new members.

In addition, we design websites with powerful SEO capabilities to perform well in search engine rankings, giving you the perfect web design package.

* Great Team Of Experienced Web Designers and Developers

Our team has years of experience designing mobile-friendly church websites that look great on any device. From design and maintenance to marketing services or an app – we have the expertise you need!

* Custom Church Websites Design

We're not a cookie-cutter company. Every church website we design is custom-made and created to meet your needs, goals, and budget. We don't like making your own church website look like everyone else's – because there is nothing worse than having an over-the-counter site.

Instead, you can have a unique and beautiful website-one that reflects the true spirit of your church and its personality. If requested, we can even include all the features below in our custom designs:

Church Ministries And Offerings

Many churches offer different church ministry opportunities to join in on or participate with through various donations. One of the best ways for visitors to know about these things is to be easily accessible via the ministry designs and church website.

Church Staff

We can also create a church “staff” section with your church's pastor and administration team's basic information. This feature can help your site visitors quickly find out who they are communicating with – whether it is via email or phone call!

Donation Forms

We can also include a church donation form that your members can fill out and submit to donations. In addition, we can even build a non-profits app for easy donating or online giving kiosks.

Church Blog

Keep everyone up-to-date on church events, church ministry opportunities, church happenings by creating a church blogging section of your site.

Weekly Church Announcements

Other websites feature church announcements, bulletins, or newsletters. We can also include this in your new websites, so visitors can stay up-to-date on all the latest updates and events for your church ministry.

Church Video Library And Homepage Video

Many church websites include a church video library where you can upload sermons and videos of church gatherings, announcements, or happenings. Many also have a homepage video that greets visitors and tells them about your ministry!

Church Events Calendar

A great way to promote your upcoming events is through event calendars. These are then updated with the latest church events and happenings.

Prayer Wall

Many church websites also have a prayer wall. Members can leave messages of encouragement or prayers for other church members.

Church Location Map And Directions

We have a web designer who can create interactive church Google Maps. These include the church's address and hours of operation, and driving/walking directions to get there!

Contact Form

Your website may also feature forms with your contact information. This can help church members or visitors to the site can fill out and submit their questions. This ensures any query can be answered in a timely fashion.

Service Information

We can also create many pages for your site that include service information and church sermon resources, so visitors can stay informed on what is going on.

Church Photo Gallery

Not only do churches can have church social media pages – but they can also feature a photo gallery with pictures from various events or gatherings! This gives visitors an idea of what church is like and helps them connect with other members.

Live Streaming Integration

We can also offer live streaming of church services, sermons, and other events to watch or listen in visitors to the site.

Service Times

A church website design will also offer service time so site visitors can know when they are happening.

A website can be vital to your church's success. The more professional the site looks and functions on any device, the better chance of converting visitors into new members or church donors. Let Sharp Tack Media do everything from designing to launching this significant project for your organization!

* Beautiful Church Websites

There are many web design services out there, but all websites are not created equally. Sharp Tack Media starts web design projects with a deep understanding of what church marketing is about. Our approach also includes the unique needs churches face in their digital communication efforts, from sermon slides to church mailings.

We work as your team. We don't just design your church website – we work with you to create a plan and execute it. When people hear the term “church websites,” they often imagine church sites that are dull, boring, basic, or uninspiring. Sharp Tack Media is interested in challenging traditional ideas about how they should look like! We love to help your church achieve its goal of having a beautifully designed website.

*Affordable Pricing And Flexible Payment Plans

We offer the best church websites rates that are less than our competitors while still maintaining the same level of quality. We also have a flexible payment plan to decide how much to pay each month and when payments will be due.

*Responsive Church Website Design

We understand that the web design is for a church's website. This means that it will be used on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices as well. Our team can offer fully responsive church websites, so you don't need to worry about your church looking bad when someone views them on full screen from their phone or tablet. We've got you covered!

*24/7 Customer Services

Our team is available 24/hours a day, seven days a week. We're always happy to provide church website maintenance and help you with your church marketing services or church app!

*Easy Web Design Process

We make church website design easy for you. You won't need to go through a complicated sketching process, wire-framing, and coding – we do everything!

*On-Time Delivery

We offer services that are delivered on time. We don't want to waste your church's valuable resources by leaving you without a church website when it's supposed to be live.

Website Services For Churches

Sharp Tack Media is one of the fastest-growing church web and graphic design agencies in the country. We always deliver a professional product that does what you need and looks good doing it.

You can even have your design and marketing all in one. We'll get you the best of both worlds! We also offer services such as:

Custom Church Website Builder Templates

Many recommend WordPress, but whatever template you would like to use, we can do it! Before getting our services, we can provide you a good example of the different templates we use with our clients. We also offer other services, such as:

Back-End Content Management System

Choose a pre-built CMS or customize an existing one with our team of experts. Either way, you'll be able to easily update the look and feel of your church's site at any time. We can provide unlimited training and assistance to help you get started on this task.

Church Logo Design Services

Sharp Tack Media also offers church logo design services. We'll work with you to create a professional-looking church logo uniquely tailored to your needs and desires.

Website Architecture And Layout

Our web designers will work with you to develop a website that matches your church's brand guidelines. This aspect involves working with various WordPress themes and design to build responsive site architecture.

Website Development Branding

We offer church website design branding services that include how you want to be perceived, your church's tone, and your personality.

Church App Development

Do you need an app for your church? We can help with that too! Our church web designers will work on the necessary code so people can download it onto their smartphone or tablet device.

Church Website SEO

Our web design team is experienced in designing church websites to look good also ranks well on search engines.

Responsive Site Architecture For Church Members

Sharp Tack Media's web designers will work with you to develop a church website that features navigability and clean design. This can also include responsive site architecture for members who use smartphones or tablets.

Website Hosting Packages

When it comes to website hosting, we can help you select a package that best meets your needs. These packages range from simple and easy to use as the WordPress hosting service all the way up to more complex website solutions with unlimited storage for churches with multiple sites or large volumes of traffic.

Email Service Providers

Email services are an essential part of web design. Church emails are a great way to keep church members updated on church news and events, as well as announcements about sermons or church functions. They're also an essential tool for communicating with church volunteers who do not have regular internet access.

Domain Registration

Your domain is your church's website address, and it needs to be registered with a provider. Domain providers will give you the option of selecting from several different web hosting plans. They may also include Basic or Advanced Web Hosting, depending on your church's needs.

Website Maintenance Plan for Churches

A customized church website will show off the personality of your church. And we offer maintenance to ensure your church will always be up-to-date and performing at its best!

No matter what you need from us, we can help. Whether it's a website design, marketing materials, logo design – if it's church-related, we're ready to jump in!

Other Digital Marketing Services

Our experts offer a wide range of web design services. These services include logo development, site architecture and layout, search engine optimization (SEO), social media integration, and church marketing tools such as email campaigns for newsletters.

Social Media Campaigns

Social media campaigns can be a great way to reach existing, potential church members and people who have never heard of your church.

Our efforts are focused on determining the following:

  • how often you post on social media
  • what type of content you produce (e.g., videos or church announcements)
  • do your church members post on church social media pages
  • how the church should deal with comments

A web design agency can also help you decide which church marketing strategy is best for your church's needs.

Blogging About Relevant Church-Related Topics

Blogs are also a great church website strategy. They are a powerful tool for communicating with church members, as well as people who have never heard of your church.

Blogs allow you to share what is going on in the life of your church or organization through written posts that are updated regularly. For example, you can use church blogs to share information about upcoming church events, Bible verses that motivated you this week, or photos from a recent church picnic.

Blogs can also be used for outreach purposes by giving new visitors an overview of your church's different programs and ministries. They can serve as great marketing tools if updated regularly with content relevant to your church community.

Blogging for the church is one of many church marketing tools available through Sharp Tack Media.

A Word On Church Web Design Services

When churches need high-quality, low price church websites – they rely on Sharp Tack Media for their needs.

We want to make the process of designing your website an enjoyable experience for you. We'll work with your church to create a cohesive marketing strategy to help reach the members of your community as well!