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  • In addition to website design we also offer SEO and security services.
  • We have worked with hundreds of companies across the world.
  • Our development team has a combined 25 years experience
  • Read our outstanding reviews from all of satisfied customers
  • We also have a business consultant on staff that can help translate your vision into increased revenue
  • We work with a variety of small business and medium business clients.

Web Design ServicesWeb design is very important aspect of today's business needs. A company website is often times, the first impression than a potential client or customer sees and it should portray the business in a professional and compelling light. Too often web design is overlooked when a company is putting together it's brand strategy. At Sharp Tack Media, we know how to create stunning designs that get attention.

Your web design presence is a key component in helping to define your place in your industry. The style and design of your website can have a far reaching impact over many facets of your business. The web has evolved in such a way that having a basic “brochure style” website is no longer deemed professional. Visitors expect that your website is going to be an extension of your business and act in a way that highlights your brand and what you company stands for.

In the most basic sense a company website acts as a 24/7 representative of the company. This representative can either help supplement your business by driving visitors to engage with your brand or it can have the opposite effect and drive visitors away. If your website is not properly tailored to your audience, it can actually harm your brand by creating trust issues. If a visitor sees a poorly designed website or one that does not properly resonate your brand image, they are unlikely to trust the brand enough to eventually become a customer.

A website should be an accurate reflection of your business and it should make you appear reputable, be easy to navigate, look good across mobile devices and give your brand a boost. Regardless of your objective for your website, the investment in a properly designed website will always be an investment that will pay dividends to your brand.

Graphic designer – Transforming Brands

  • Graphic design firm with fantastic talent
  • We have done graphics projects for hundreds of companies across dozens of industries
  • We have established best practices for every type of project
  • We have top rated designers on staff
  • Our agency has a wide range of skills and approaches so we get it right every time.
  • Our design services range from web graphics to print mediums
  • Our company values always put the customer first
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  • We have hundreds of reviews from clients all over the world
  • Logo design is one of our specialties
  • We pride ourselves on being one of the best graphic design studios in the United States
  • Our designers are world class

Graphic Design AgencyProper graphic design is one of the top factors in making sure that a brand stands out. It is important to have a graphic designer who understands your company’s mission and strategy in order to craft your message in the way that you want it to be portrayed. At Sharp Tack Media we have award winning designers who can help you create the perfect graphic branding every time.

Often times one of the top considerations with any graphic design plan is designing the logo. Your logo should be designed so that it captures your entire brand position in a precise and easy to recognize image. Perfectly executing a logo design to accomplish such an important feat is often times easier said than done. Creating compelling logos is something that our team has done thousands of times and we have a detailed process to help turn your vision into reality.

One of the main considerations of a good logo is to ensure that it will be viewed consistently across all mediums including the company website, social media, print materials and mobile browsing experiences. This element of versatility will also allow the logo to be adapted as new uses are discovered. We can work with you to make sure that your logo has a variety of options including color schemes and icons that are consistent with your brand but allow the logo to be used in as many ways as possible.

In addition to logo design, print design is also a major consideration for any successful business. Whether you need business cards, brochures or other mediums, it is important for those designs to remain consistent and uphold the overall style and branding of your company. We can work with you to ensure that all of your graphic design needs are met so that you have graphics that you can be proud of and show off.

E commerce agency – Building Stores That Work

  • Ecommerce web design that creates stunning results
  • Best designs for compelling stores
  • We have built company stores as well as Amazon additions
  • We work with small companies as well as medium businesses.
  • Ecommerce services that help you succeed.
  • Our agency specializes in Woocommerce as well as Magento
  • We are a top rated ecommerce firm
  • Our studio is well equipped to handle any sized project
  • We have the developers to make your dream a reality.

Ecommerce web design is one of our fastest growing and favorite services. Where you need a small store on your existing site to showcase a few products or you want an enterprise level store with thousands of products we have you covered. An ecommerce website should give a seamless experience for its users. A lackluster design and you will alienate your customers and they will likely never purchase from you. If you store has a difficult checkout process then you are likely to leave many buyers frustrated and abandoning their purchases. You want the perfect blend of easy to use but also aesthetically pleasing. Your store should be professional, easy to navigate and inspire confidence from you buyers.

Ecommerce Website Agency

For Ecommerce development we primarily build on the Woocommerce platform. We use it due to it native integration with WordPress and the fact that it is easy and intuitive to use. Our clients often tell us that they never knew managing a store could be so easy. Woocommerce is also feature rich and allows us to virtually create any type of size of store that the project requires. 

Perhaps the best part of Woocommerce is its flexibility. It can be easily adapted, styled and customized for even the most demanding project specifications. Whether you want to customize the product display, checkout, shipping, or virtually any other aspect of an online shopping experience it can be done with Woocommerce. Additionally Woocomerce has hundreds of ready-made plugins available that enhance the features and add additional options. The sky's the limit with this platform.

As the web continues to grow, there is a huge demand for ecommerce stores and we are ready to meet that challenge. Our skills in ecommerce development make us the perfect choice to help build your store into a profitable business. We have built hundreds of stores and look forward to building hundreds more..

Internet marketing service – Getting Results That Matter


  • Local SEO is one of our marketing specialties
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  • We have worked with many local companies
  • We can work as a consultant or do all of the work for you
  • We offer a wide range of SEO services
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  • Whether you need basic internet marketing or more advanced strategies we have you covered.
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  • Best rated SEO firm 2 years in a row
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SEO ServicesSEO or search engine optimization is the process of optimizing a website so that it appears higher in the search engine listings. This process is highly technical and each website can vary in terms of what is needed for it to be properly optimized. Often times optimizing a website can include optimizing the meta tags, content, removing technical issues such as errors and also building a strong backlink profile.

Our process of SEO includes starting with an exhaustive audit on the website so that we have a firm understanding of the existing work that has been done and where the site currently stands. Usually our audits include comparing the site to the top ranking competitors, examining the site for missed opportunities and ensuring that there is no malware or security issues hampering the site. After our audit is complete, we are able to carefully craft a plan of attack for maximum results in the shortest amount of time.

Our SEO strategies vary based on the primary objective of the website. If the website is a local based site then we will likely put an emphasis into ranking the website for local keywords as well as using an optimized Google My Business listing to drive additional traffic. If the website is a national site need to rank across the US for broad terms then we will likely put more of an emphasis into backlink building and obtain featured national listings for the site.

Regardless of the website’s needs, we will craft a strategy that maximizes budget to give a great ROI. SEO should never be a one size fits all service which is why each campaign we do gets a customized level of attention. Our number one goal for our SEO clients is to help them increase traffic, phone calls, customers and market share. We do whatever it takes to ensure that our clients succeed in their marketplace.

Design agency – Creating Works of Art


  • The creative agency side of things is something we excel at.
  • Our agency works hard to develop amazing company branding
  • We are regularly considered a top branding firm in the area
  • We are an agent of change in this evolving industry
  • We help companies understand the modern marketing climate
  • Our main goal is to expand business
  • We help companies improve their existing image
  • The near me era is upon us and your brand should stand out
  • We regularly do consultant work as well as standard projects
  • You need an expert if you really want to create a memorable experience
  • Our services really set us apart from our competition
  • One of our favorite projects in branding for photographers.

Graphic DesignerRegardless of the size of your business, branding can be one of the most important parts. Having an amazing brand strategy can give you a leg up on your competition in pretty much any market. But do you really know what “branding” is?

Your brand tells your customer who you are. It gives them an idea of what type of services or products they can get from you. It tells them exactly how you are different from the competition. It paints a clear picture of who and what you are as a company.

Deciding who you are and who you want to be is the first step. Are you experienced and wise? Or are you fresh and innovative? Do you sell products that are of high cost and quality or is it affordable and high value? You won’t be able to be everything to everyone. So finding out who your target audience is will help you figure out how your branding portrays you.

Branding that is strategic and consistent equals strong brand equity. This will add value to your product and services. Added value equals the ability to charge higher pricing than you could for a product or service that is unbranded. An amazing example of this is Coke and just plain, generic cola. Coke has put a lot into their brand equity and as a result is able to charge more for their product and customers don’t think twice about paying.

While the product may be virtually identical, brand equity forms a perception of better quality and attachment. A good example of this is the way Nike hires popular athletes to promote their products. Customers who are fans of the athletes buy Nike products because of their love and attachment for the athlete.

Creating your brand identity is a journey that should not be taken lightly. It’s one of your business’ self discovery and can be time consuming and difficult. This is why you should strongly consider working with a brand strategist to make sure you don’t become overwhelmed by the process and you end up with a brand you love, you can be proud of, and will make you money.

Marketing agency – Create Your Digital Footprint

Digital Marketing

  • Our agency does things the right way, with honesty and transparency
  • Other agencies are only able to provide part of the digital marketing experience
  • True digital marketing firms are becoming more and more rare
  • We are routinely considered a top choice
  • We have assumed a consultant role in hundreds of digital marketing campaigns
  • We work with companies big and small
  • Our company philosophy is to treat each marketing project like it was our own
  • We offer a full range of services in this area
  • Small business is one of our specialties
  • We offer social media marketing along with our more traditional styles

Digital Marketing AgencyDigital marketing like traditional marketing covers a wide range of methods. These methods include social media marketing, paid marketing, SEO, email marketing and content marketing used in order to market one’s website and brand on the internet. The typical successful brand will use a combination of some or all methods to create an overall digital marketing strategy.

At Sharp Tack Media we work with our clients to ensure that we can create a solid digital marketing strategy that includes as many methods as makes sense. There are some industries where each particular type of marketing may not make sense. For instance, a product targeting the elderly may not need as much of a social media strategy as a trendy boutique trying to make their products go viral. Each campaign is different and requires research to determine the perfect blend that will make the marketing successful

Many times we also find that the perfect marketing blend depends on the stage of the business. A newer business might require a more robust marketing plan while a business that has a decent foundation can oftentimes use 1 or 2 primary channels and use other types of marketing to supplement. Recognizing the individual needs of each company is something that we pride ourselves on. We realize that each business has its own attributes including strength and weaknesses and we do our best to tailor the strategy with this information in mind.

Above all else, the main indicator of success that we see with digital marketing campaigns is consistency. Once we help you evaluate the best course of action for your digital marketing strategy you need to make sure you are consistent with your approach and strive to have activity each week. Slacking off or allowing your marketing efforts to become stale can lead to immediate issues with growth and ROI.

Web hosting company – Powering The Web

  • We offer web hosting services at amazing rates
  • We have the best plans for all budgets
  • Top rated hardware and amazing uptime
  • One of the best web hosting firms in the metro area
  • We hosting service you can count on

Without web hosting your website would cease to exist. Each element of your website is it’s own file. These files need to live somewhere where the general public can see them. This is where your hosting provider comes in. They will store these files on their server for you so they are available to your customers.Website Hosting

There is a wide variety of hosts you can choose from and going for the cheapest option is not always the best idea. Instead, you should consider hosting as a cornerstone of your business and go with the option that has the best services that fit your needs. There is a wide variety of options but they usually revolve around your particular needs such as how much traffic your website receives as well as how much storage space you need.

Choosing a hosting company that is reliable and offers a high quality service is probably one of the most important parts of a successful website. If you’re getting ready to build a website for your business this is not a decision you want to overlook or take lightly. Your should always get the very best hosting that your budget allows.

At Sharp Tack Media we take web hosting very serious and make sure that we offer a reliable service that will allow our customer’s businesses to flourish in today’s digital climate. From security to maintenance to ensuring that your website loads quickly, we strive to deliver the best possible experience for our clients.

All of our hosting plans come with regular backups, 99% uptime guarantee, dedicated account reps and 24/7 monitoring. We promise to treat your website like it was our very own. We want to make sure that we provide an unbeatable value to our customers and allow them to focus on their businesses and leave the hosting up to us.