5 Digital Marketing Mistakes Everyone Should Avoid

Whether you’re new to the business game or simply wanna improve your business strategies, then you can surely benefit for more marketing advice. To cater a growing online audience, an online presence is now an important marketing strategy. However, is it as simple as a having a website or a Facebook page? Of course it isn’t. Here’s how to stay ahead of your competition to make sure your small business succeed.

Some Small Business Owners Either Don’t Have Websites Or Just Have Really Bad Ones

Making quality business websites is not a thing that can be learned overnight. If you want to try coding yourself, then there are lots of reputable open source site builders you can use. However, just any website isn’t just gonna cut it.

A good business website should have complete information and pricing of their products and services. If you were in your customer’s shoes, then naturally that’s what you would be looking for in a good business website. Adding your contact info and physical address is also a must. When it comes designing your website, having a convoluted and messy web design is just a no-no. You might drive loyal and even potential customers away since a clean website matters to a lot of people. It would be more beneficial for you to hire a professional in making the ideal website that your customers can easily navigate with.

Small Business Owners Shouldn’t Underestimate The Value Of Social Media

Any business owner just can’t ignore the influence of social media in the world of marketing. Hundreds of millions of worldwide users have social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  A social media account is one of the many important ways in having an online presence. However, a social media page shouldn’t act as a replacement for your website nor can your website act as a substitute for a social media page. Both must complement each other, rather than compete against one another. Ultimately, your company is more accessible for those who frequently use social media.

Unsuccessful Small Businesses Don’t Think About Their Competition

You want to market your business as being distinct from all the rest. An effective strategy by utilizing social media is to keep track of what your competitors are up too and see what works for them. In all honesty, businesses are always at each other’s throats. Do a little spying on their websites and social media accounts of their services and pricing and what kind of tactics you can employ to compete with them.

Know Who You Are

Through digital means, you have the potential to reach out to a wider audience. However, a good marketing strategy is more effective when you fine-tune it to cater to specific audiences. You can also consider this as an excellent strategy in analyzing your competition.  You can tailor your small business that serves a different audience that your competition does not.

Data Is Crucial In A Successful Small Business Marketing Strategy

The beauty of having an online presence is that now,  you can track your audience’s habits. Your audience’s browsing and surfing data is just a gold mine of data every business should take seriously. Do your customer’s visit one page and look at one certain product more often than the rest? Do some pages get less traffic than others? Analyzing such browser data can certainly aid you in tweaking your market strategies and keeping track of your customer’s habits.

Consult With A Professional

If you’re not sure where to begin in creating a new strategy you should reach out to a pro. Here at Sharp Tack Media we specialize in Small Business Marketing Strategy to get you on the right path to setting your company up for success. So, CLICK HERE to schedule your FREE 30 min consult now! 

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