Digital Marketing Solutions – Where Does Schema Fit?

Schema markup is one of the biggest digital marketing solutions in SEO. It is basically the code associated with the website that helps the users to get more informative results from the search engine. The purpose of using schema is to enhance the presence of your website in the search engine results.

Schema can help business owners in the following ways:

  • With the usage of schema, a portion of the content is returned in a different way. For example, if there is a data related to the name of a place (say for example Costa Rica), schema lets the search engine understand that the data entered is the name of the place.  In absence of schema, the data would have been sent to the search engine as “Costa Rica” without an explanation of what it actually is. But with the usage of schema the meaning or explanation of the data can be easily conveyed.
  • It supplies the users with a whole lot of information. Users can get to know a lot of facts such as what the company does, where it is located, what the average cost of commodities is and much more.
  • It provides data markup for local business, media, restaurants, movies, events etc.
  • It is used by almost all of the commonly used search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and Yandex.
  • The schema elements and attributes can be directly added to the HTML code of a page and providing additional information to the users thus becomes easy.
  • With the implementation of schema, the crawlers in the search engine can interpret data in a better way and this in turn helps in increasing the visibility of a website.
  • It helps in the proper categorization of the website content.
  • It also helps in defining and displaying the rich snippets of the contents in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). These snippets help in increasing the click-through rates.
  • With the addition of more and more properties to the schema micro-data , the purpose of your content will become clearer.
  • You can also establish a conjunction between the schema and the social media tags so that the search engines can get an even better idea about the website.
  • Inclusion of the schema markup along with open graph tags helps in making the content shareable and optimized.

Now let us get introduced to the three different schema mark-ups available and how exactly you can use them:

  • Organization Schema Markup: It helps in increasing brand signals and also the presence of your website snippet in the SERPs.
  • Website Schema Markup: They help in increasing the presence of your site name among the search results.
  • Breadcrumb Markup: It helps in generating breadcrumb-rich snippets in your site.
  • Site Navigation Schema Markup: It helps the search engine to understand your site and its navigation in a better way. It thus helps in influencing organic site-links too.

Schema also supports the other data types. The data types featured in RDF and other formats are now compatible with schema. The schema type hierarchy contains some existing varieties of item types. However, you could also add item types on your own according to your convenience.

However, before using schema you should keep in mind that schema does not affect your search engine ranks at present. It may factor in the search engine results soon, but as of now it doesn’t. They can be used to pre-qualify traffic and gaining SEO benefits indirectly. Recently, Google modified the instructions related to Schema whereby any user who wants to use schema has to abide by certain rules and keep certain things in mind:

  • Snippets cannot be used if they are not genuine and independent.
  • Duplicate reviews cannot be incorporated. Similarly, reviews that are from different sources or common across multiple businesses will not be considered.
  • Reviews provided by a third-party or syndicated review cannot be used and only those produced by the company can be used.

Thus, the benefits of using schema are widespread. Those who are interested in enjoying the benefits should know the techniques of using it and keep the following criteria in mind.

If you’d like to learn more about schema or other digital marketing solutions contact us today. We’d love to hear from you!

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