Elk Rock Island Clackamas

Elk Rock Island

Spending the weekend outdoors is one of the best ways to relax and unwind after a week's hard work. Whether you are going out with the whole family, group of friends, as a couple, or even alone, there are so many ways in which you can enjoy some fresh air and physical activity in Portland.

There are numerous parks and recreational sites to visit for a nice outdoor fun and one of these is Elk Rock Island – a hidden gem located in the Willamette River which is not known to many people, even to Portland locals. It can be accessed via Spring Park Natural Area in Milwaukie.

Here are some activities you can enjoy here:


Elk Rock Island has a one-mile long loop trail with a rated difficulty of moderate. Other activities during the hike includes bird watching, canoeing and fishing. The trail is also dog-friendly.

Rock Climbing

The site abounds with million-year old rocks that can be climbed. The riverbank makes the view more like a movie scene. Moreover, proper caution should be observed in order to avoid injuries when climbing rocks.

Basking in the beauty of nature

Just the fresh air alone is worth the drive. Watching the birds fly around, the sound of the flowing river and the beautiful daisies surrounding the place is a view that is not seen everyday. Many locals who have discovered this awesome place visit frequently as it is conveniently close to the city but once you reach it, it feels far, peaceful, and relaxing.

Elk Rock Island is definitely a perfect outdoor spot to enjoy during weekends or any time of the week as long as the weather permits. Head over to this ancient site and take advantage of the serenity and beauty of a unique riverbank setting not too far from the urban areas of Portland.

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