Digital Marketing Trends You Need To Follow

Important Digital Marketing Practices Your Business Needs

Just like the evolution of technology that has evolved dramatically over the last few decades, so do trends in digital marketing. The variety of modern technology that digital marketers can access is simply unfathomable. Through digital marketing, a business can massively impact its reach. Newer technology that gets developed and released every year is more unexplored territory for digital marketers to exploit.

However, one must not forget that the execution of a digital marketing strategy on whatever technological platform is also important. Below is a list of four important digital marketing trends every digital marketer should take a closer look at and how to properly form a strong marketing strategy for each one. 

The Emergence of AI (No, Not Skynet)

Try to cast aside your doomsday scenarios of AI – at least for now. Digital marketers found chatbots to be of great use in the world of online business. In fact, Chatbots are becoming a huge aspect of online businesses and many companies are already integrating chatbots into their websites. Chatbots can juggle vast amounts of user-preferences data and find the most relevant and specific answers. 

In short, Chatbots remove the need for human intervention when it comes to simple customer inquiries. Another great thing about chatbots is, because of the removal of the human element, this ensures consistent and quality information is being provided to users since the element of human error and even human emotion is essentially eliminated. Chatbots and their algorithms are constantly being upgraded and thus can learn more and more about consumer habits. 

Video Marketing 

Videos are extremely valuable content to an extent that every social media platform features videos. Mobile users are increasingly relying on videos as part of their mobile content-consumption habits. Marketers can upload simple but precise and attention-grabbing advertisement videos on Facebook whilst relying on Youtube for longer and in-depth promotional videos. Even Instagram now features videos. A new trend in regards to video marketing is Live videos.

Live videos are a phenomenal evolution in user engagement technology. It allows for a personal level of customer engagement with users since they can comment on any inquiries they may have whilst the people featured in the video can answer such inquiries in real-time. 


Mobile apps are big business on their own. Businesses in general, not just marketers, understand the potential in tapping into the app market. Apps allow for mobile-friendly navigation of content. Generally, app navigation is a faster process when compared to retyping the web address on a mobile browser of the same content. Due to the ease-of-use of mobile apps, they essentially improve consumer engagement. Marketers can increase app downloads and tap into more of their targeted audience by offering exclusive promos and services if users download their apps. 

Final Word On Digital Marketing Trends

If employed correctly, then technology is a marketer’s best friend. If not understood properly, then technology can be a marketer’s worst nightmare. One of the essential skills portfolio marketers need to possess is to keep up with trends – and technology is no exception. Consumer habits are changing as fast as technology evolves. The technological arena is a fast-paced environment where marketers need to be constantly updated. Every year, the introduction of newer and unseen technology can bring about new opportunities for digital marketing. 

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