Making Beautiful Homepages That Convert

How To Integrate Your Homescreen Into Your Branding

Your homepage is the showpiece of any website. The chance of any visitor staying at any website depends almost entirely on the design of the homepage. In this case, first impressions matter above the rest. So even if you have a well-designed layout for the contents of your website but your homepage was not given an equal amount of attention and effort, you might have a lesser chance of attracting more viewers than you hoped for. 

Also, your homepage can be a powerful tool in building brand authority. So it’s critical that a homepage not only has most of what your viewer needs but it also doesn’t cloud and ruin your viewer’s user-experience by adding unnecessary visuals and other irrelevant content. 

Everyone Likes An Eye-Catching Headline In Websites

A good headline must have a striking typeface exhibited with contrasting but popping colors. It is one of, if not, the first thing any viewer would notice when visiting a homepage. The eyes are naturally drawn to contrasting features and colors. Take advantage of that and structure a caption that implies everything that your business stands for and what your audience can expect from your product or service. This requires not only a meeting with the fellow heads of your employees but also your web developer. In the end, you should be able to find a compromise between the caption that you ultimately decide along with your web developer’s visual assessment.

Less Is More. Employ A Minimalist Design

Have you noticed how many websites nowadays are increasingly adopting simple but bold homepage designs? That’s the current trend in web designing. It’s popular for a very good reason. Not only is a simple and straightforward page design visually appealing, but it also provides the optimal navigation experience. A minimalist homepage displays just enough content and provides the user with easy access to the rest of the website’s pages. The last thing you want for your homepage is a complicated maze of a design that might discourage any user from visiting your website again.

A Good Website Means Giving Your Visitors What They Need

Try not to structure your website like a supermarket where the most frequently visited aisles are strategically located at the farthest area store. This means customers will have to pass through many aisles and will possibly pick up items they didn’t intend to buy along the way. That strategy definitely works in a supermarket but not in homepage designing. Your homepage should have link boxes to your products/service or even an input box the moment they load your homepage. If you take a look at a hotel’s website, you can immediately tell it’s a good homepage design because it immediately displays a “Book Now” link or form. To sum it up, everything that your user needs should be in the initial space of your homepage without them having to scroll down

Show Your Business And Employees In Action 

In addition to providing what your users need, also exhibit what their eyes want to see. Any user that visits a business’s homepage wants to see actual photos of your business and the people behind it. Provide them with raw evidence of your business in action. Try not to go with stock photos since not only don’t they represent your business in any manner, but it can be quite deceiving. Instead, have your own featured photo or even a photo gallery displayed right in the initial space of your homepage.


A well-designed homepage can really attract and retain more users. You don’t need to be doing this alone though. If you’re building a website, chances are that you’ve already hired a web developer to design it for you from scratch. Your web developer is definitely skilled in designing web pages but for them to do that, they will need your input in what you really expect and require out of your website. Be sure that you relay to your web developer what are your desired specifications for your homepage.

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