Mind Mapping: Benefits & How-To

How Mind Mapping Can Benefit Your Workflow

There are some people that need visual aids to understand the concepts of certain things. Some things are just too elaborate to understand from just plain text. Diagrams, graphs, tables, charts, and etc. can help simplify even the most complex of ideas. Mind mapping is a method of organizing and presenting data in a way where you can work smarter.

Another good example is a mind map. A mind map is a diagram in which a central subject or theme branches out to more intricate and relevant bits of information

This article will help you understand how mind mapping can be very useful even if it looks so simple.

How To Mind Map?

A mind map doesn’t get simpler than it can get. Here are simple steps for you to illustrate the ideal mind map

  • First, identify your central idea concept. In the place of it, you can simply use a word or even a picture.
  •  Add a number of branches to the center. Try adding colors to the branches. This way, it’s easier to discern the web of branches.
  • At the ends of the branches, add sub-topics that are relevant to the composition of your central idea. Again, you can use words or pictures.
  •  For each subtopic, branch out any bits of information that are relevant to the topic.

See how easy it is? Mind maps are very simple to understand because they are very simple to make. You can extend the branches and sub-topics as far as you want. But ideally, keep the subtopics only as far as the 3rd level since you don’t branch out too far. If that happens, the mind map will be too big to understand.

As for the design, you are free to choose or make up any design you want. Some people choose to have a circular design where the branches are laid out in a spherical fashion. Some even choose to lay it out horizontally like a tree. Some even choose to lay it out vertically instead.

Why Does Mind Mapping Work?

Visual diagrams aid in explaining even the most complex of concepts – and mind maps do just that. You probably must have seen mind maps before but probably didn’t know that it had an official name. A common occurrence of mind maps are in crime and detective scenes. The investigator has the suspect in the middle. The investigator then attaches red yarn and branches it to other co-suspects and their relation with the lead suspect. Mind mapping makes sense perfect sense in situations such as that because the information is organized. This is critical for jobs where you are just bombarded with information and need a visual tool to make sense of it all.

Mind Mapping And Increasing Your Capacity

The only limiting factor of the mind map is a mind map only serves as a broad illustration. It’s really not meant to be a detailed blueprint. In any case, you can apply mind mapping to all sorts of contexts. They’re perfect for students that need to understand complex ideas. They’re ideal for management teams that need to organize process flows. As with the previous section, they’re ideal for detective work.

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