Hoyt Arboretum - Portland, Oregon

Hoyt Arboretum Attraction

Address: 4000 SW Fairview Blvd, Portland, OR 97221, United States

Hoyt Arboretum is a beautiful place to enjoy the beauty of nature and get away from the hectic city life that we live in. With over 200 acres, this park has plenty of space for visitors to explore. Many different trails throughout the forest will lead you on an adventure through some of the most beautiful scenery around Portland


The Arboretum, which straddles a ridgetop in Washington Park, is home to over 2,300 tree species from six continents. The almost 200 acres property allows access to an internationally diverse ecosystem that includes everything from redwoods to dogwoods and cherries and several rare and endangered species. 

The land was initially dedicated to building Hillside Farm, a “Poor Farm” for the elderly and mentally ill, where inmates cared for livestock and an orchard. Eventually, the farm was moved to a different location. That was when the city transformed the land into what it is today. 

Hoyt Arboretum means  “Hoyt's Garden,” and it is named after Ralph Warren Hoyt, the country commissioner. It is one of the oldest parks in Portland and was designed after the 1930 Duncan Plan.  In the early days, it was a place for private members to enjoy their time outdoors. Still, they soon realized that this park had much more potential than just being enjoyed by wealthy people. They eventually opened up the garden and gave people an opportunity to appreciate what Hoyt Arboretum has done for Portland as well.

Amenities and Features  

The garden has over twelve miles of trail, and it also has a lot more features than just the garden. There are small trails for walkers, almost two miles of wheelchair-accessible paths, and bike paths that will take you through Portland's history. The gardens are also rich with over 2 300  plants from all over the world. Lastly, its wetlands offer opportunities to study wildlife up close! 

Aside from these, it also has structures such as the visitor's center in the park's heart. The center houses a small nature center and science library where visitors can learn about the garden and its plants.  The public can use the research library, which has over 800 books ranging from technical floras to beginner gardening books. This is also the starting point for volunteer-led tours regularly.

Getting There

Whether you decide to go to the garden on your own, as a couple, or with your family, the great thing is that you can explore at your own pace!

As it is within Washington, Hoyt Arboretum can be reached through walking, biking, or through the Washington Park Free Shuttle. The best part is that their arboretum grounds are opened daily from 5 am to 10 pm, so no worries about missing a day.

Depending on your preference, you can visit the grounds anytime you like. However, early mornings or in the evening are believed to be the best time to visit the park.

The Hoyt Arboretum is one of the most beautiful spots in Portland. It’s a nature museum with living trees and plants, complete with walking trails for your leisurely exploration. 

If you find yourself near Washington Park, be sure to stop by too. Sharp Tack Media recommends this as another great spot for seeing some of Oregon's natural beauty up close and personal. We hope you'll enjoy all that these two parks have to offer!