5 Mistakes When Hiring A Website Moving Company

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There are a lot of mistakes people make when choosing a website moving company. Unfortunately, these mistakes can lead to disappointment, frustration, and even financial loss, which is why a website transfer checklist should matter. This blog post will go over five of them that you should avoid when looking for a company to help you in your site move.

1) Not Getting A Quote

The first mistake people make is not getting a quote. Unfortunately, many websites moving companies are priced by the hour or project, so it's essential to understand how much your site will cost before starting down this path.

You could talk with one company and find that their rates are comparable to another company. Specify what you want and ask the company how much it will cost. You can then compare multiple quotes to see who has the best rates.

2) Choosing The Cheapest Option

The second mistake people make is choosing the cheapest option. Sometimes, businesses think that having the most affordable agency is beneficial, only to learn that they fail to deliver the benefits they offer. Another way of looking at this would be picking the most expensive option. However,  being expensive doesn't mean it's the best. 

The rule here is to find a company that can provide you with what you need at an affordable price point without compromising the quality of work.

3) Assuming That All Website Moving Agencies Are Equal

People make the third mistake when getting a company to move their website is assuming that they're all equal.

Transferring websites can be complicated, which means you need to choose the right partner for your project, or else it might not go as smoothly. As with any profession, there's always going to be someone better than others and vice versa.

So what are the signs of a good company?

  • First, they should be responsive and available. Second, you want to make sure you can get in touch with them when needed to have no delays on your project.
  • Second, does their portfolio include sites like yours? Again, having experience working on similar projects will always be better because it's easier for them to understand your needs.
  • Third, do they have the right team size? If you're working on a big website with lots of content, it takes more time and resources than just starting with an empty site.
  • Fourth, does their price seem reasonable? Some companies charge exorbitant rates for essential website moves.
  • Fifth, do they offer a guarantee? Again, a big mistake people make is failing to get assurance if anything goes wrong. You need to find an agency that can provide a guarantee in case your site crashes or malfunctions after the move.

If any of those five things are absent when picking a company, then it's best to move on and find one that ticks all of the boxes.

4) Not Reading Reviews From Past Customers

When choosing a company, people's fourth mistake is not asking for references or testimonials from companies they contact. A website moving company should provide you with recommendations with similar experiences to show their expertise and trustworthiness.

5) Not Setting A Timeline

The fifth mistake people make when choosing a company is not establishing milestones or timelines. Before you sign up with any company, you must know if they have enough time to complete the project in the timeframe that will work best for your needs. Setting up a doable timeline for the company and will fit your needs will ensure that your website is transferred without any problems.

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