Top 6 Mistakes Digital Agencies Make When Designing Websites

Mistakes Digital Agencies Make

Designing a website seems easy for many because of the available free and paid plan website builder in the market. Furthermore, business owners can hire a web design agency or web designer to create one for them. However, though website design creators may have great ideas in mind, most still fail to deliver a successful web design because they lack many essential elements in developing website design.

Where Are They Failing?

Most digital agencies are commissioned by one of two types of clients. The first group loves to have an active involvement in all aspects of their online marketing and will often take on as many responsibilities as they can. The second group hires an agency to do all the hard work, leaving them free to run their business while the professionals look after their online presence.

This article will focus on the mistakes made by digital agencies when designing websites for clients that fall into the second category.

1.  Not Taking Time To Plan

Agencies who have been in the business for years think that planning is no longer needed as they've worked with many clients already. They will throw together some ideas based on what the client wants and send them off to be implemented by their web development team. These agencies don't realize that planning can only save you time in the long run and provide you with a complete idea of how the client's site will look from beginning to end.

2. Working From A Template

Another common mistake digital agencies make when designing websites is to start with a pre-designed template rather than having a design created from scratch. Templates often work very well, but they can also look as if the site has been created by a machine rather than a person.

3. Failing To Create A Website That Delivers Sales

An essential part of any business website is its ability to generate sales leads or sales itself. Sadly many digital agencies fail to create websites that are capable of carrying out this function. The problem often lies in the lack of a proper plan or jumping into the design process without thinking of how it can be linked to sales. The solution to this is simple. Every agency should think about the sales potential when designing the site and link it into every aspect of its functionality.

4. Failing To Create A Site That Will Attract Visitors

It is an unfortunate fact that many websites are neglected after they have been created and launched. A website serves no purpose if nobody ever visits it. While it is essential to have a website that attracts visitors, it is equally important to give them something interesting to see and keep them coming back for more.

5. Creating A Website That Takes Too Long To Load

The importance of the usability and accessibility of a website is sometimes overlooked by digital agencies when creating a site. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to create a website that takes an age to load or one which isn't usable on smartphones and tablets. Usability and accessibility must be at the heart of your site creation process if you want to deliver its potential for sales.

The logo is one of the most important aspects of a website and is often designed by an agency before any other work. However, the number of logos that fail to carry out their job correctly never ceases to amaze. A strong brand identity should be instantly recognizable from both within and outside your industry. It should speak volumes about you without the need for additional wording or imagery.


Your business's online presence can make or break your business, and choosing the right agency to help you can be difficult. Unfortunately, mistakes are common. If you want your project to succeed, you should ensure that the agency responsible for it has the experience, skills, and knowledge to do so. Make sure they have done similar projects before. This will make certain that they know what questions to ask of you beforehand.

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