Essential Questions To Ask Before You Migrate Your Website

Thinking Of Migrating Your Website? Read This First!

If you're thinking about migrating your Seattle website design from one hosting provider to another, it's not something that should be done lightly. Website migration can be a time-consuming and complex process when you don't have enough preparation as there are many things to consider. If you don't want to spend your time on this in vain, you should at least consider the following questions.

3 Questions You Should Ask Before Migrating Your Website

The following are three critical questions to consider when planning on moving your website to a new web hosting service provider.

1. If I'm Changing Hosts, Do I Have A New Website Domain Name?

Are you going to change your current website address, or are you planning on keeping it intact? If you decide to change your website's domain name, will the new hosting provider help you accomplish that goal? Or will they make the process difficult for you and delay what should be a relatively simple thing to complete.

If you choose to move your current website over, does the new host also provide domain name registration? If not, are they willing to help you find a provider who does?

Are you planning on keeping the same domain name or registering a new one?

2. Do They Have The Bandwidth Available To Handle My Site Traffic?

Even if you're keeping your current website domain name, there is no guarantee that the traffic will follow. There are many reasons why a person would choose to go from one host to another, but none involve their site receiving more traffic.

If you have changed hosting providers and plan on migrating over with your existing site traffic, ask about how your site will be hosted and what kind of bandwidth is provided. Your host should be able to explain this to you quickly.

3. Will I Be Able To Keep My cPanel And Control Panel Access?

How much time have you invested in learning how the cPanel and control panel work for your website? If you feel comfortable using them, you're not going to want to start all over again with a different host. So make sure that your new host is compatible with what you already have set up on your current server.

If they are compatible, what kind of support will they provide you if you encounter an issue? Will your current cPanel work with them, or do you need to download a different one from their website? Many questions must be answered before completing the move.


Not all hosting providers are created equal, and each has its own set of pros and cons. It's up to you to research hosts and decide which option best fits your needs. If all your questions have been answered, there should be no reason why you can't move over from one server to another with little or no downtime. Just remember that if something goes wrong along the way, it's better to stay put than risk losing everything on your site.

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