The Basics of Twitter Marketing

Engage Your Audience On Twitter

Twitter isn't just for staying in touch and sharing the most trivial of details about your life with your friends. You can also use Twitter to promote a product, service, or brand you have on Twitter almost instantly – if you know how to do it right. Here are little known facts that will help spark your imagination and generate effective twitter marketing strategies.

Tweet Conversations With Customers And Salespeople

You should always seek to make your customers happy but it doesn't hurt if their happiness comes with a healthy dose of loyalty and word-of-mouth too. A simple tweet asking the customer how their experience with your product or service was can provide invaluable feedback that you can then use to improve your product or service.

Take Advantage Of Other People's Tweets

If you simply search for hashtags like #twitter or #socialmedia, you'll find that many people are prepared to give helpful information without expecting anything in return. You can therefore use these people as a tool to promote your product or service. Many users post tweets every day asking for advice on how they can increase the number of followers they have.

Take Advantage Of ‘Thank You' Tweets Via Your Product Or Service

You should consider creating a specific hashtag to be used when people sign up for your website or download your app. This will help you keep track of what success you are having through your marketing efforts.

Monitor Your Brand And Competitors On The Platform

Whenever someone mentions your brand on Twitter, you should aim to get in touch with them via a direct message or through replying to their tweet. This might seem obvious but it's surprising how many companies don't actually do this. Monitoring your brand also helps reduce the risk of customer complaints going unnoticed or being lost in their previous tweets.

Use Twitter To Lead Users To Your Own Website Or Another Landing Page

You should consider using shortened links that will direct people straight to your website or landing page. Remember that your website needs to be as user friendly as possible in order to entice people.

Get The Most Out Of Twitter Analytics

The easiest way to keep track of your progress is by using Twitter Analytics. This will help you to see how many people are following you, who they are and where they come from. You can also get information about your most effective tweets, which hashtags people use when talking about your brand and the number of times each hashtag has been used. If these analytics show that you do not have a lot of followers, it might be time to consider some Twitter advertising.

Simply put, if you want to use Twitter for marketing then you need to make sure that you work on your engagement levels and do all you can to ensure that your tweets are well received. This includes the number of times each hashtag is used by people talking about your brand, the number of followers you have and even how many people retweet your tweets.

Use Twitter To Your Advantage

Twitter is a social media platform where you can share and promote your thoughts, ideas, and products with millions of people. It’s the perfect place to build relationships with potential customers or community members. But it may seem like too much work for those who don’t know how to use this tool effectively. If that sounds like you, we have just the solution! Sharp Tack Media employs experts in all fields of marketing including digital marketing strategies such as SEO and analytics tracking software development that will help you grow your following on twitter. Contact us today if you want more information about our services. You'll be glad you did!

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