Get your Blog Posts on the Front Page of Google

Strategies To Ranking Higher In Google Search Results

Social SEO is something you need to take seriously if your blog posts are going to make the front page of Google. Social Media Optimization (SMO) involves optimizing your social presence through social signals for search engines to get your content in front of the target audience.

You want people to read all of the content on your site, not just the headlines. So take a few minutes before writing each post and think about what might interest readers. 

What problem does this post help solve? What will be new information for them? Continue reading to know more about this.

  • Create A Blog Post That Is Engaging And Interesting

The first thing you should do is to make sure that your blog posts are engaging. SMO only works when your content is good and engaging enough that other bloggers want to share it with their audience.  Don’t forget to include pictures and links! 

  • Share Your Blog Post On Social Media Channels 

Share on one or two networks at a time – don’t spam them all at once. Sharing should be a slow and steady process. Make sure your blog post has been shared a few times before you submit it to social network sites. Somes sites have a lot of spam submissions, so if you just jump in and start submitting without doing your homework, you might get banned from the site. 

  • If You’re Not On These Platforms Yet It’s Time To Start! 

SMO requires you to be on sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. If you aren’t already on these sites, sign up and start building your online presence! Social Network Sites is where you can get in front of your target audience. Leveraging social media channels can bring targeted readers from other blogs to your website.

  • Study The Top Bloggers In Your Niche And Learn From Them

What kind of content do they share? How often do they tweet or update their Facebook or LinkedIn status? Join a social media site that your top competitors aren’t using yet. This will give you an edge and allow you to stand out from the crowd.  Social media is the key to dominating Google.

  • Optimize For Search Engines So Google Can Find You! 

Add keywords to the title of the blog post. Use SEO techniques like keyword density and meta tags to make sure Google knows what’s inside of your blog posts. Don’t forget to submit your blog post on the actual search engines after you have completed it! 

Begin Your Success With Us! 

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