Facebook Posts For Businesses

How Should You Use Facebook For Your Business?

In the contemporary business environment where having a digital presence matters greatly, having a Facebook business page is one of the many ways of bolstering a strong online following. However, is uploading product and service info all there is on a Facebook business page? If you may think so, then it’s a good thing to inform you now that Facebook can do so much more than status updates and messages for your business. Facebook pages are a new medium for businesses to engage with their audience. If you’re looking for web development services that can implement social media campaigns for your business, just give us a call!

How? Through Facebook posts! But again, it’s not as easy as it seems. The ultimate goal is audience engagement. So how can you consistently create fresh and creative Facebook posts that encourage audience engagement?

Here are 5 useful tips you can follow to greatly enhance the quality of a business’s Facebook Posts

Treat Your Audience A Little Different

To make not only engaging but also meaningful content requires a change in mentality. Your Facebook audience is not your customers and you should not be that annoying salesperson making uninteresting sales pitches. Your audience will just walk away and never even bother dealing with you. Rather, treat them as your friends; that’s what Facebook is all about right? Having that mode of thinking allows you to create genuine content that truly considers the audience’s interest. In layman’s terms, make your audience want to visit your page because they like you and your page makes their lives a little bit more interesting day by day. A good place to start is to use informal language. Use personal pronouns and non-complex language to create an inviting atmosphere for your audience.  

Give Your Audience Opportunities To Interact. 

Posts such as “Share With Us Your Story”, “If You Can Relate, Tag A Friend”, or even “What Do You Think About Our New Product/Service? are one of the best tactics to guarantee participation. However, don’t be limited by the comment feature. Also ask your audience to like, share, and even use the emoji reaction feature to bring about newer ways of audience participation. Another great tactic is to ask for customer feedback. You can do this by posting surveys, polls, and even Facebook live sessions where you answer real-time comments. You see how Facebook gives you all the tools you need to interact with your audience? Facebook also releases new interactive features periodically so you’ll never run out of ideas.

Your Business Has A Story To Tell Everyday

Your business is a living ecosystem composed of actual human beings. Don’t be shy about sharing the everyday happenings of your business. Upload posts or videos of your employees working hard in finishing their daily routines. It’s a good practice to share entertaining content every now and then. Encourage your staff to have fun and share any entertaining videos that they may have during work hours

Try Not To Keep Posting The Same Thing. Add Some Variety 

No matter how well-intentioned your posts are, be sure to add some variety. In other words, keep giving your audience a reason to keep visiting your Facebook page as often as they can. Photos and status updates are easier to make but try not to rely on them too much. Try investing the time, effort, and funds to create quality videos. Videos are a huge thing in social media so don’t lose out on the action. Facebook gives you a lot of options to post and share almost any type of multimedia you want to be sure to use every kind of content out there.

Final Word

As mentioned earlier, Facebook rolls out new features all the time. So you can’t really run out of options when it comes to content creation. The bottom line is to remove the businessperson element and become more social when making a Facebook post. Yes, you can plan a post for a business goal in mind, but it’s important to have the intentions of a thoughtful friend when trying to reach out to your Facebook audience. You don’t have to do this alone as you can hire firms that specialize in digital and social media marketing from making your Facebook business page to managing your page’s content.

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