Google Analytics: A Must For Small Businesses

Why Should You Use Google Analytics for Your Website?

After building a small business website, whether a design company designs it or built it your own using a drag-and-drop website builder, you need to find out how it performs.

Google Analytics is a great way to find out exactly what users are doing on your website, which pages they visit, and where they go next after leaving your site, allowing you to improve the website’s design to increase conversions.

The most important reason that any small business needs Google Analytics is to improve their website’s performance. Find out what users are interested in and how they’re using the site, then make changes accordingly – whether it’s adding more content, reorganizing navigation, or even changing the design and layout completely.

What Google Analytics Is and What It Isn’t?

Before we get started, it’s important to understand exactly what Google Analytics is. First off, it’s free; you don’t have to pay any money for google analytics because they want to ensure that everyone has access to this kind of information about their website. Secondly, Google Analytics is a tool used to track user information by capturing data and then analyzing it to discover how users use your website.

Discover Your Most Visited Pages

Google Analytics will show you top content and referral URLs alongside many other statistics to find out the most popular pages on your website. For example, I have my YouTube channel and my blog listed as referral URLs, which means that people come to my website from those places.

If you know what your users want and how they’re using the site, you’ll be able to make changes accordingly. Google Analytics will show you statistics about every page on your website, including the number of visitors it receives per day and month, how much time they spend on the page, and even how much traffic came from social media.

For example, if you notice that many visitors are clicking on one particular link, but they’re not completing their action – meaning that they’re not buying your product/signing up for your service/etc. – then, either improve the copy or remove the link. If you notice that people aren’t spending enough time on a particular page, then there’s not enough information on it, or maybe the design is too dull; if so, you can fix those things and improve the user experience.

Find Out Where Your Visitors Go

To find out where visitors go after they visit your website, Google Analytics will show you referral URLs, including your website’s name, the domain, and the path they took to get there.

If you see that people are leaving your site and going somewhere else right away, it’s possible that the navigation is too complicated or it’s too difficult to find the information they want.

You may put links to popular posts on your website’s homepage and in the sidebar so that users can easily find the content they’re interested in. Still, if you’re not seeing many visitors clicking on those pages, then perhaps there’s an issue with your navigation.


Google Analytics is a great way to get information about how users use your website and where they go when they leave. Find out more about the most popular pages, top referral URLs, and what pages users visit after visiting your site; then use this information to improve future designs or influence changes to increase conversions.

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