Grow Your Business With A Social Media Optimized Website

Become A Top 10 Search Result In Your Local Area

Business owners are now investing time and money into making their websites more attractive to social media users. The new business websites are planned and designed specifically to work on the latest version of every browser, allowing for fast load speeds and easy sharing.

Once optimized, these sites can be incredibly powerful tools to grow an existing brand's business. While the Internet makes it possible for companies to sell goods online without ever having a physical storefront, many still rely on brick and mortar locations.

Businesses of all types can benefit from the marketing opportunities afforded by a modern website, but some more than others. If a company has a physical storefront for customers to buy its products, making it easier for them to find the store using search engines is key to increasing sales. In addition, adding interactive elements to a site will allow it to be shared with friends and colleagues. More sharing means more exposure, which can increase the amount of visitors a company's website gets.

Easy Social Media Optimization Tips

Using a social media optimized website can help boost your business' online presence, improve customer engagement, and increase traffic to go along with increased leads. The best part? It's easy to do by following these 3 tips:

  • Have A Mobile-Friendly Website

You've likely heard before that your website needs to be mobile friendly. If you have a social media optimized website, it's going to look great on all devices because its responsive design means it will resize to fit the screen of any device from desktop computer monitor to handheld smartphone or tablet. A 2013 Google study found that 47% of users will abandon a website they were intending to use if it doesn't look good on their mobile device.

  • Accessible Contact Information

In the one-screen, real-time world of social connectedness, your customers want information they can get from your company when and where they need it. Your social media optimized website needs to provide a platform for this instant gratification. Customers expect to be able to access your products, services, and contact information with ease – if they can't find it on your site, they're likely to go elsewhere.

  • Always Have Fresh Content

One of the biggest flaws in most business websites is that they don't provide updated or interesting content. Social media optimized websites are designed not only with regular, fresh content in mind, but also leave room for customers to contribute their thoughts and ideas through comments or social media share buttons.

Get More Traffic To Your Business With Social Media Optimized Websites

The next time you’re looking to grow your business with a new website, think about what type of site would be most effective for the way people use social media. You may have heard that websites should be optimized for SEO and conversion rates, but did you know they can also be optimized for how users interact on Facebook or Twitter? If so, we have just the thing! Our team is ready to help create a website from scratch or upgrade an existing one so it captures more leads by being linked in all your favorite social networks. We want to partner with you and make sure that every visitor has a great experience while browsing through your content. So don’t wait any longer—call Sharp Tack Media today!

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