Growing Your Business Through a Responsive Web Design

The new-age technological phenomenon.

A crucial factor in Search Engine Optimization success is a responsive web design. In the event that you are not a boise website designer, you might be thinking about what this term implies. You might also underestimate the role it plays in building you a solid online presence and growing many businesses.

What is a Responsive Web Design

If I were to ask you what is the number one site you visit, what would it be? Whether it is a work website or a website we habitually visit out of curiosity, there is a reason why we think that this site works better than the others. This is probably because this site allows you to view it on your mobile or computer screen. Or maybe it does not need an eternity to fully load. These reasons are the direct results of a responsive web design.

A responsive website design is a reason why a site stays functional at all times even when seen at various sizes and utilizing different gadgets. This is done by using specific components to show the site's content in the manner that is most appropriate to the characteristics of the gadget being utilized.

To keep it simple, a site that has a responsive design ‘reacts' to the gadget, instead of having your smartphone pack a website on its screen. A designer can achieve this by using these processes: fluid grids, responsive media, and media queries.

Fluid Grids

Just like its matter counterpart, fluid grids have the capacity to fit and follow the shape of their “container”. This permits an aesthetically pleasing look at how your site components are organized when viewed in different gadgets. fluid grids allow the look to change depending on the size of the screen by utilizing relative estimations, as opposed to pixels.

Responsive Media

Other components in your site, such as media files (like video or images) also need to adjust in size as your screen size changes. This generally requires fixed measurements to be entered, but since fluid grids don't utilize fixed estimations, these files usually utilize the maximum width property set to 100%.

Media Queries

Based on its name, media queries allow the gathering of data necessary for a responsive web design. Using the collected information, a site can decide the size of the screen where it is shown on so it can change its appearance likewise by stacking the legitimate CSS (or Cascading Style Sheet).

Improving Customer Experience through a Responsive Web Design

There are many businesses that attribute their success to a responsive website design. They believe that this quality is crucial in attracting and retaining more visitors and in improving their search engine optimization ranking too. The ability of these websites to be viewed effectively in smartphones and load quickly was successful in converting leads to loyal customers. The bottom line? It’s all about providing a great customer experience.  

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