Guide to Getting Started with SEO

Setting Up Your Business Success Through SEO

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve heard of SEO and know it’s important for your business. But what is SEO? And how do I get started on the right foot and avoid the common SEO mistakes? Never fear! This post will provide a quick rundown of what SEO is and how to start optimizing your site

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Generally, search engines such as Google rank websites higher in their results pages if they follow certain rules or best practices set out by algorithms that determine their relevance. These “rules” include things like the number of words per sentence. It also includes keyword density or how often keywords appear on a page and how many times they’re repeated. Of course, the more relevant your website is to a given search term, the higher you’ll rank in search results. What does this mean? If someone types in “funky earrings,” your funky earring company will show up at the top of the list when they conduct a Google or Bing search. 

When it comes to SEO basics, there are certain best practices that every SEO consultant will probably agree on without hesitation. Here are some SEO basics to get you started:

  • Not An Instant Solution

SEO takes time and effort, so choose SEO consultants who are willing to dedicate the time necessary to improve rankings over the long term.

  • Requires Consistency To Have Tangible Results

SEO efforts should be ongoing and continuous rather than a one off campaign. Efforts should not be limited to an SEO company’s package, but instead SEO activities should continue even after you have already started working with an SEO Company.

  • Holistic Website

This isn’t just about writing pages that are keyword rich, it’s also having links between different parts of your site as well as links from other sites that point to your site. Campaigns usually start by optimizing individual pages, but SEO best practices also highlight the importance of internal links and external links. Thus, websites should be considered as a whole rather than individual pages or posts.

  • Always Be In Line With Goals And Target Audience

Employ SEO strategies that are appropriate for an organization’s goals and target audience. It is a means to an end, not an end in itself. Campaigns should focus on SEO best practices that will help your business achieve its goals. SEO campaigns that are not achieving ideal results should be discarded in favor of new and efficient strategies that target a business’ actual goals and target audience. 

Choosing The Correct SEO Strategy

When it comes to SEO, everyone has something to say about what the best methods are. Not surprisingly, many consultants disagree on best practices. It is an ongoing process of trial and error, where consultants implement methods that they believe will be best practices in SEO campaigns; however, sometimes these SEO efforts fall flat. If your campaign isn’t producing the results that you want, don’t hesitate to change things up. The worst thing you can do is continue SEO efforts that aren’t delivering ideal results. Things change quickly in this industry and if you want expert help with your website- look no further than Sharp Tack Media! 

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