Tips To For Better Google Ads That Convert

You don’t need to be Shakespeare to write great ads. In fact, it’s better if you aren’t. Beautiful words strung together rarely win the click. Instead, you should rely on strategy and a strong understanding of your customers’ wants and needs. While making Google ads isn’t something that’s easy, because there are hundreds of different tabs and sections to focus on, and a thousand more metrics to worry about, you can still get pretty good at crafting them with a few key tips. If you’re not up to the task, an affordable website design service like Sharp Tack Media can provide you with great services.

Call To Actions

No ad is complete without a call-to-action (CTA). This is the action you want visitors to complete after heading to your landing page. Phrases like: Buy now, Call today, Get your quote and Contact us are some of the more common CTAs.

It doesn’t matter if your company’s phone number is plastered in giant numbers all over the site. Don’t assume visitors know what to do next. Guide them to the next step.

The Rule Of Three

Never settle for just one ad per ad cluster. Multiple ads teach what does and does not resonate. Ideally, you want to have three. The first ad is what you assume will earn the most clicks and conversions. The second ad is a slight variation of the first. Only change one or two elements, such as a headline or the CTA. The third ad is your wildcard.

Try something completely different. Experiment with different combinations. Add more emotion. Highlight a different benefit. Once you have enough data, the winning ad becomes your first and the process starts over again.

Consider Location

One of the best ways to fine tune your Google Ads account is to identify what’s working and amplify it or promote your golden eggs. One route to do this is through location-based bid modifiers.

Far too many advertisers set their targeting to reflect the areas where their products are sold and neglect to revisit these settings. The problem is, not all geographic locations yield the same performance. For example, if you sell fishing equipment, there’s a good chance that you’ll see more conversions coming from searchers in coastal areas where fishing is a popular sport than those in heavily populated urban or landlocked areas.

The location also plays a huge part in whether your ads will perform well or not. Research and identify the needs of a specific location so you can come up with the most probable needed items or products.  This can be a good selling angle and can also be part of your marketing strategy.

Diversify Your Languages

According to a 2013 study by the Center for Immigration Studies, one in five US residents speaks a language other than English in their household. However, just because their preferred language isn’t English does not mean that the vast majority of these people don’t also speak English.

Remember, Google Ads bases its language targeting settings on a Google user’s interface language. Users can edit this setting to ensure that Google provides results in their selected language, regardless of their physical location. Appealing to more languages means your chances of getting a conversion increases. Don’t limit yourself because this will put a hamper on your ad performance.

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