Logos: The Invisible Difference Makers

Make Your Logo Work For You

If you're in the process of rebranding your company or just considering it, then you might be wondering how to choose a logo. You might also ask yourself if they really matter. The answer is they do. They make a big difference — even if they don't look like much at first glance.

So here are some reasons why your business logo matters:

  1. Create Brand Recognition And Familiarity

The colors, shapes, and images in a logo all contribute to customers' feelings for your brand. For example, let's say you're walking down the street and pass by two coffee shops — one is an old-fashioned style with a giant sign out front. At the same time, the other has sleek lines of black and white painted on their windows. Which do you think would make you feel more like stopping in for a cup?

Logos create a space for companies to connect with customers. They are the silent voice behind brand recognition and familiarity, often found in every corner of society. As such, they require more than just an aesthetically pleasing design; they need to be functional, too. Thus, there are four factors to consider when designing your company's logo.

  • Logo Design

The most crucial factor in a successful logo is its design. A great, functional design can be the difference between being taken seriously and having someone walk right past you without giving you a second glance. This consideration applies to both customers as well as potential employees.

  • Functionality

A logo represents the company and serves as a functional tool to inform and guide customers through their experience with that specific brand. Therefore, logos need to be readable from a distance, identifiable at small sizes on social media screens, and easy to draw or write.

  • Relevance

Today, consumers are more informed and educated than ever before. Thus, they scrutinize logos for design and consider how that company aligns with their values.

  • Familiarity

A logo should be recognizable to the consumer but not too familiar. This is to avoid becoming a generic placeholder for companies that offer similar services or goods (think of an international conglomerate’s logo, like Coca-Cola).

  1. Send Your Business Message Clearly

Logos are the invisible difference-makers for your company. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can find virtually anything online in today's digital age. So it is no surprise that many people will first look at your logo when they visit your website and social media pages! So how do logos provide an identifier? Logos provide visibility through brand identification — it is a signifier for your company.

Logos are more than just identity, though. They can communicate messages and ideologies about the company they represent. For example, if you see an apple logo on someone's t-shirt or water bottle, it instantly tells you that this person might like to eat healthy foods. If you see a book or a torch, you know that the company values education or enlightenment. 

So remember, your logo should be more than attention-getting in today's digital age. It should be thoughtfully created to convey the right message and ideology you want to portray.

  1. Increase Businesses' Revenue

When people like the logo, they are more likely to buy products or services. Businesses can also use logos as a marketing tool by doing things like designing t-shirts with their company's logo on them. Companies that take time to create and design their logos will have an advantage over those who don't because customers are more willing to do business with them!

A Great Business Logo May Be Your Path To Success

Logos are a great way to make your business stand out in the cutthroat world of marketing. This invisible difference maker is what makes all the difference.


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