Importance of Content Consistency

Content Consistency Is A Key To Your Success In SEO

Content consistency is one of the least understood parts of Search Engine Optimization. The concept of ‘content consistency' refers to how well-matched your post topics are to the terms people use when they search for information. 

Your business is only as good as the content you put out. If your content is inconsistent, there's a high chance that Google will penalize you for it and rank your site lower than other sites with more consistent, quality content. However, if you're proactive about making sure all of your posts are written in an engaging way and on-brand for your company then you can avoid any penalties from Google or other search engines.  

Read on to find out what you can do to up your content game and keep Google happy.

What Content Consistency Means For Your SEO Campaign

When users are doing research about companies or brands, they'll often turn to search engines for answers. If one of the first results is an article that looks wildly different than most other articles on the  company's site, a potential customer might assume that the company has a lot of down time, isn't an expert in their field, or is just generally disorganized.

This doesn't have to be the case. By being proactive about your content so it matches up with your brand voice and image you can avoid any penalties from Google and instead attract a much larger audience.

When you're consistent with your content, the majority of your articles will come up in a search engine as either a Featured Snippet or an Answer Box. This is beneficial to the consumer because they'll get all of their information within seconds without having to click through to your site and read any more of your content.

On the flip side, if your website is inconsistent and has articles with very different tones or styles all within one company, then there's a high chance that your site will receive an unnatural links penalty. 

What You Can Do To Improve Your Content Consistency

As you're writing out your content, just keep in mind that you want it to be cohesive. If your company's tone is generally more formal or academic, then stick with that style for all of your articles. If your company has an upbeat voice, try to stay away from writing about serious topics.

Also remember to not plagiarize any content. When you copy information from another website or an article, it can come across as unoriginal and make you look bad. If your content isn't consistent then Google's going to punish you for that. When you write a new article, just think about how this piece of content will fit into the rest of your site. It should contribute to your company as a whole, not just be a random article written with no purpose.

If all else fails, you can write your content and then have someone edit it for any inconsistencies or awkward phrases that don't fit the tone of the piece. Always keep user experience in mind and Google will reward your site with higher rankings and more leads!

Improve Your Content Consistency With Us

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