Increase Your Facebook Reach

Get More Likes And Clicks On Your Posts

Is your small business struggling to get noticed on Facebook? You’re not alone. With more than 1 billion people actively using the social media platform, getting found is a real challenge. If your company is like most small businesses, it only spends about 3 percent of its marketing budget on social media. But Facebook offers some of the best opportunities for engaging with new customers and generating leads. There’s an ocean of details in here, but don’t worry — this article is designed to help you get a handle on the site. Let’s get started!

  • Focus on the Reach and Frequency of Posts

There are 7,000 stories in the naked news feed, but it appears as though there are only 187 stories. Facebook’s algorithm weeds out duplicate and spammy stories, but it’s also designed to determine which stories you might want based on your previous likes and shares.

  • Ask for Likes, Shares and Comments

Go into your post options and be sure to use every possible type of call to action. If you’re trying to build your business or brand, it’s important to make sure that Facebook knows about you.

  • Auto Engage Your Visitors to Drive Interaction with Content

If your posts score high on the “engagement” metric, Facebook will hold them higher in the algorithm and they’ll have a better chance of being seen by others. The more people that see your posts, the higher your reach will be.

  • Use Video to Engage and Elevate Appearing Popularity

Facebook has become the second-largest search engine, making it a great place to connect with people. Join groups that are relevant to your brand or business to meet potential customers. People share videos on Facebook much more often than graphics or images. Videos invoke a feeling of empathy and can quickly show the human side of your brand.

  • Use Facebook Ads to Gain Specific Business Goals

With paid ads, you can target your content to a very specific audience. Facebook ads allow you to use detailed targeting options, making them a great way to get your message in front of the right people.

  • Use Facebook Retargeting to Target Visitors Who’ve Left Your Site

It’s easy to monitor traffic and see where visitors are coming from, but one of the best ways to get them back is by using Facebook retargeting. It’s a great way to bring customers back and remind them about your brand or business.

  • Try Custom Conversions & Optimize Your Ads With Data

A simple conversion allows you to set up advertising goals based on how long a user stays on your website. Facebook will report back and let you know if people completed the goal, or if they left the website.

  • Use Optimization to Boost Engagement

You can use online tools to test different images and ad copy on your posts. You may find that one post performs significantly better than others, which allows you to boost engagement levels by using that particular type of post.

  • Use Facebook Live to Engage with More People

Facebook Live is a tool that lets you broadcast live video for your followers to see. Because people like the idea of “being there,” they’re likely to engage more often with videos than images or text.

  • Monitor Engagement With Varying Frequency

If your page has been up for a while and you’ve been using different types of posts, you may find that some ones perform better than others over a period of time. Monitor engagement to see what works for you and adjust accordingly.

In the end, one post is not going to be a magic bullet for Facebook’s algorithm–it takes many different types of posts to build the type of following you want. Relevancy is key, and find out what works for your audience in order to get more organic reach.

Increase Your Facebook Reach With Us

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