Steer Clear of These Mistakes in SEO Outsourcing

5 SEO Outsourcing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Outsourcing SEO has taken the Internet marketing world by storm, with more and more businesses turning to outside help for performing certain tasks. There are many benefits to outsourcing your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. But in this article, let’s look at some of the most common mistakes companies make when outsourcing their SEO and how you can avoid making these same mistakes.

  • Focusing Too Much On Getting Rankings And Not Enough On Building Links

One of the first things many people think about when they hear “SEO” is rankings. The problem with this line of thinking is that it fails to take into account that rankings are just one part of a larger equation: building links. To build traffic and revenue the way you want, you also need to do two things: get people linking to your site organically (through good content) and get other sites to publish links back to yours (usually through some kind of promotional offer).

  • Failing To Keep Tabs On Outsourced SEO

Many outsourcers will claim that their process is “white-hat,” which simply means that it follows the rules of Google and other search engines perfectly. While this might be true in some cases, you can’t always trust an outsourcer to properly follow the rules. One of the biggest problems with SEO outsourcing is that before long you start to lose control over how your website ranks and what kind of traffic it’s driving.

  • Ignoring Technical SEO Issues

This is a common mistake made by companies that outsource their SEO is that they ignore certain technical issues with their website. Even if you hire the best SEO firm on the planet, they’re not going to do a whole lot for your website if it has issues like this that prevent Google from crawling all of your pages. While these won’t necessarily hurt your rankings, they can prevent Google from properly indexing your website, which in turn hurts your overall organic search visibility.

  • Not Knowing What You Want to Achieve

The problem with many outsourced SEO firms is that they’re quick to promise huge rankings and lots of traffic, even though there’s no way they can know what it will take to achieve them. This is why it’s important to have a clear list of keywords that you want your SEO firm to target, along with a set of rankings that must be achieved within specific timeframes.

  • Not Considering The ROI Of Outsourced SEO

When you hire an outsourcer, they’ll usually charge a monthly fee for their services; however, these fees can be so expensive that it takes forever to break even. If you don’t properly account for the time it takes to break even, then it’s easy to run into serious problems with your outsourcer.

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