Starting Your Personal Marketing Efforts

An In-Depth Look At Personal Marketing

Personalized marketing is achievable with realistically any marketing budget, and it isn’t exclusive to companies who can pull off complex marketing campaigns with multi-million dollar marketing investments. Once you understand the general premise of personalized marketing and why it works, you’ll be able to implement some practical ideas to create a more personalized experience for your consumers. Alongside having a reliable online marketing service, you ultimately make the final decision in your marketing strategies.

Why Does Personal Marketing Work?

Marketers who shifted their strategies to create an immersive, personalized advertising experience generally get more sales because their clients respond better to their efforts. It’s not only important how you market your products, but it’s also important to who you market your products, too.

Practical Ways To Implement Personal Marketing

There are many ways to start with a personal marketing campaign. The steps don’t need to be complex. They can be as simple as the ones listed below.

Personalized Email Campaigns

Don’t send the same blanket email to every person you’ve ever collected an email address for. Break your email addresses into groups based on key differentiating factors. For example, you may have the following groups: past clients, current clients, potential clients.

You wouldn’t want to send the same message to each of those groups. You may find luck in telling past clients that you have some new, exciting products or services.

Respond To Customer Reviews

When consumers are choosing a product or a service, nearly 80% will turn to reviews. You can make sure your company is accepting reviews on a variety of platforms, such as GMB, Google+, Yelp, Angie’s List, Facebook, and others.

However, it’s just as important to respond to reviews as it is to collect reviews. By creating a unique response to each review, it shows that you’re invested in each consumer’s experience with your company and that you’re forging a healthy relationship.

Implement A Remarketing Campaign

If you’re an Adwords pay-per-click (PPC) user, then you’ll likely be familiar with remarketing. Since you can build an audience based on consumers who have visited your website or engaged with you in the past, remarketing is a great way to remind them that your company is here and that you’re able to cater to their particular needs or wants.

Remarketing can be very complicated if you’re not an avid PPC marketer, so it may be worth working with an established PPC specialist. It’s always a good move to seek advice if you’re not in your element.

Don’t Rely On A Template

There are endless ways to build a Facebook audience if you’re going to be boosting posts or creating ads. In most cases, you won’t want to cast a wide net and market to everyone in a particular region. This approach isn’t personalized or targeted, and you may not see very good results. Create unique audience groups based on different characteristics, and create unique content that matches the unique needs and wants of these groups.

For example, you may wish to target men and women differently based on the products and services you offer. Or, it may be useful for you to target fans of particular sports teams or with specific job titles. With Facebook advertising, it’s possible to create very specific audiences, which is perfect for creating personalized ad content.

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