Qualities Of A Good Web Hosting Service

What To Look For In A Hosting Service

Every business website owner comes across the dilemma of finding the right web hosting service. There are dozens of them out there, and some are really reputable, but which one is right for you? It would be much easier to narrow down your choices if you understand in general what good quality web hosting service looks like.

Never mind price options, for now, no matter how attractive the offer is. In the end, you want a quality web hosting service that can assure you that your website and its data will be well taken care of.

Here are 5 areas you should be looking for in a quality web hosting service

Type of Web Hosting

It’s a good thing to raise the point that not all web hosting services operate on the same server platform. There are shared hosting and cloud hosting. Shared hosting is a server configuration where clients are given space in a server that is shared with other clients. Cloud hosting is also like shared hosting but instead of a single building that houses all of the server hardware, the server load in cloud hosting is handled by an intricately interconnected system of separate servers all linked through the cloud which then acts as a single server. Cloud hosting is the current trend in web hosting because of its reliability because of one server link is down, then there shouldn’t be any worries about data loss since the data is shared across all server links.

All The Storage You Need

Unlimited data is the way to go. Having an unlimited storage plan gives you all the server space you need for your website to grow. A business website is going to have a lot of content ranging from numerous blog posts to heavy data multimedia such as quality product pictures numbering in the dozens to even hundreds and even high-resolution videos. Unlimited storage accommodates your long-term strategy of continuously uploading new content

No Bandwidth Limit

A good business website must have access to unlimited bandwidth. After all, what’s the use of having a data-heavy website if it loads like a sloth? It’s pretty much like that person at the gym who consistently exercises on just one muscle group whilst not giving the same attention to the rest of the muscles – the result is a disproportionate figure that just doesn’t look right. In short, you need unlimited bandwidth to provide not only fast but consistent loading speeds for any content-rich website.  If you have an e-commerce website, unlimited bandwidth is wh

at you absolutely need especially during shopping seasons where user traffic skyrockets. 

Top Of The Line Security

You’re trusting a web hosting service to keep your website’s data safe. You want to be assured that they not only have the latest security hardware and software available but also a reliable backup feature to recover any lost data in case of a catastrophic eventuality. This is the area that your web hosting provider must have an almost impeccable experience with. Look for reviews and testimonies if they had any experience with a certain web hosting provider and how their track record fares in terms of providing security.

Reliable Support

You can never know when errors, glitches, and crashes may happen. A non-functioning website can potentially discourage your website’s loyal visitors and discourage newcomers as well. You want your website up and running 24/7. So it’s best that your web hosting provider has provided their client with all the support features available 24/7. Whether it’d be through a chat or call service, you want to be assured that you have someone knowledgeable to talk to whenever you need the assistance of any kind.

What Are Your Options?

You might be familiar with big names in the web hosting industry such as Hostgator, GoDaddy, and WP Engine. However, your list of options is also dependent on your website platform. Some hosting services are more adept in servicing certain website platforms. For example, if you run a WordPress website, then have to pick a WP Engine. It’s very likely that you might have a WordPress website considering the sheer number of business websites that run on WordPress. 

If you do, then you’re ultimately better off with WP Engine. WP Engine is a managed hosting platform specially designed to cater to WordPress websites. Managed hosting means they’ll take care all of your website’s security and maintenance needs. Plus, WP-Engine has professional technicians that have years of experience in WordPress to provide you support 24/7, 365 days a year. 

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