General Misconception in Social Media Marketing

Avoid The Most Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes

The Social Media marketing industry is growing steadily every year. It has evolved into more than just social network sites – it’s an entirely new way to communicate in many ways. Social media websites, despite their apparent difference in purpose, are all competing for being the social media platform of choice. As a small business owner, you have probably seen the benefits of Social Media Marketing along with its cons. 

It  is not always easy, especially if you are new to the whole process. It requires constant updating and it can be difficult to think of things to post on a regular basis. Social media is also the reason behind many internet marketing mistakes which can affect your website’s ranking in search engines like Google and Bing. There are several benefits to Social Media Marketing. Social media gives you instant access to people all over the world, which means that it can get your products/services noticed by a large audience for very little cost. It has many benefits and it can be a great tool for your business or organization, however there are several common Social Media Marketing mistakes that small businesses and organizations make.

  • Not Taking Social Media Marketing Seriously

Most business owners fail to realize Social Media Marketing’s potential. Social Media is still being thought of by many companies as just another marketing channel. Social media Marketing is far more than just Social Networking. It is all about Social Collaboration, Selling, and Sharing.

  • Failing to Engage

Social Media should be treated as a tool within your business to improve collaboration between consumers and your brand. It can be used to facilitate customer feedback and engage with them to take on their suggestions for the company’s improvement. 

  • Using Hashtags Incorrectly

Hashtags are an important tool because they enable Social Media users to follow conversations on a certain topic. It can help your customers easily find your content and keep up with what you have published. But the problem is that hashtags have a time and a place. The golden rule for Social Media marketers is to only include 1-2 relevant hashtags per post. This makes it easier for Social Media users to follow your brand’s message, as well as develop a sense of trust in you as a business.

  • Posting Boring Posts

Social Media Marketers should post content on Social Media Networks at least every 2-3 days , otherwise Social Media users will get bored and unfollow your brand or blog. Social media uses are constantly scrolling through their feeds, so it’s important to have an interesting Social Media Strategy!

  • Not Understanding Social Media Optimization

Social SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an integral part of Social Media Marketing. It is the use of Social Media to create an effective and targeted website that can increase organic traffic within social networks which will result in increased web traffic regardless if the site has a social media presence or not. This includes Social Networking Sites which can help websites find relevant viewers increasing their organic traffic; providing organic traffic is the only way Social SEO can be done. 

Consult a Social Media Marketing Company

Here at Sharp Tack Media we want to help promote your business! We want to help you create an effective social media marketing strategy, and increase your social media presence. We hope that this article helps you begin marketing your business using Social SEO and Social Media Marketing! 

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