7 Things To Consider Before You Design A Website

Things You'll Wish Someone Told You Before You Started Designing Websites

Designing a website is a tough job. From website appearance to content to the navigation system and technology, we all know how hard it is to develop an informational, attractive, and user-friendly website. There are indeed a lot of website design packages that web designers use to make things easier. But creating an effective website is still not that easy as it seems. For a successful website, you need to consider many factors before giving birth to something unique and appealing.

Thus, here are some things that you should think about when planning to design a website.

1. Know Your Audience – Who Will Visit Your Website and How Useful It Is To Them?

You have to know answers to some questions before you decide to create a website, such as “What is the purpose of your website?”, “Who is your target audience?” and “Why do they need this website?” These will give you an idea of what to develop.

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you have a clear vision and direction for your website. It will guide you in the development process,  making it easier for you to create a website that will serve your purpose and audience.

2. Know the Features You Have – What Do You Want This Website To Accomplish?

When you have the answers to some questions about your target audience, it is time for you to know what features you should include in your site. It can be about the products, services, and information you need to provide to make your customers happy. Remember that the more information you provide, the better chances of getting more traffic.

3. Know Your Budget – How Much Will You Spend On This Website?

It is also essential for you to know how much money you will spend on this whole process. Producing a website can be expensive due to web designing software, hosting fees, and other expenses. If you are not a professional web designer, it is necessary to hire one. But if you already know the basics of web designing, you can save some money by building your website yourself. But, be prepared to spend hours of preparation before you get the whole design set up on your own.

4. Know Your Business Plan – How Do You Want This Website To Affect Your Business?

You also have to decide how do you want your website to affect the business. Does this have to increase sales? To persuade people to join the membership, for example? Building a website is like building your company – no one becomes successful without having a proper plan.

5. Know Your Competition – Can You Offer Better Services?

When you already know how your website will affect the business, it is time for you to look at your competitors. You need to know what they offer on their sites and if you can develop something better. Being aware of what other businesses have to offer – or not have – can help you create a better site than them.

6. Know Your Skills – Are You Capable of Web Designing?

Do you know how to build websites? Are you good at some basics like Photoshop, Flash, and HTML coding? If not, then better hire someone who is. The whole process can be costly if you don't have the skills to create a website, and that's why you must know your level in this field.

7. Know Yourself – Are You Good with People?

Do you know how to interact with your clients, particularly if you have a business site? Before creating a website, try communicating directly with people from social network sites and see how they respond to you. Communicating with them will help you gain confidence in interacting with different people.


It is essential to keep these seven things in mind before designing a website. To create an effective website that will help your business grow, you must know what features you should include and how the site should affect your customers' lives. It can also be helpful if you have some basic skills like Photoshop, Flash, or HTML coding. But even without them, there are still ways of creating a successful site with the proper research into competitors and knowing your target audience.

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