Top Web Design Trends You Need In 2020

Best Web Design Tips This 2020

Thanks to the power of the internet, your website today is the window into your company to the entire world that allows people to get a clear idea of what your brand stands for, where you stand among your competition, and how trustworthy you are. This might seem a lot of information to gather from a simple website, but people are emotional creatures, and any emotion they get from your site is the impression they will get about your entire business. And with the help of a great web development agency like Sharp Tack Media, you’ll have no trouble getting where you need to go.

Not only does good web design set you apart from the competition, but it also becomes our calling card of sorts. Most people who will consider doing business with you will visit your website first, and if they are not impressed with what they see, they will probably end up doing business with the competition that wows them from the very first interaction till the very end. This is not to mention that good website design is integral to SEO, meaning that good design can be the key that helps people find you.

Less Is More

For today’s digital landscape, a minimalistic design is almost a necessity. What’s more, most brands want the navigation experience of their site itself to be minimalistic in nature. This means intuitive controls with more functionality while decreasing the number of inputs.

This trend is bound to rise with the increase of wearable devices, such as smartwatches, which is forcing web designers to think smaller and smaller. Hence, your goal should be to mimic this trend.

Turn The Lights Off

Plenty of websites, including YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit, have started offering a  dark mode on their site, which is a user interface characterized by low light emission and prominence of dark color palettes. The beauty of dark mode is two-fold: Reduced eye strain and lower battery consumption.

Better yet, dark mode web designs have an aesthetic appeal to them. They look modern and chic, and they can aid you in making certain design elements stand out.

Stand Out With 3D

A big element of web design is delighting your viewers. In fact, if given the choice, people want to view something beautiful and immersive rather than plain and boring. With that said, you should be looking to create beautiful 3D visuals on your website. Before, we didn’t have the technology to generate seamless 3D images; the images came out clunky and blocky. But, now that we have the technology to produce breathtaking visuals, you have no more excuses. 

What’s even better than a 3D image?

How about an interactive 3D image? If you can integrate one of those into your site without compromising the usability of your site, this will boost your user’s experience tremendously, extending the time they spend on your site and increasing your organic ranking. Should you be concerned that putting a 3D image in your site may affect the overall experience, you can always opt for a faux-3D design

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