Web Design Practices To Avoid

What you’re doing wrong with your Website.

Today’s websites are designed to be fast and lean. If your old website is getting traffic, that’s great. If not, well it’s still not too late. With the different types of websites on the market, such as e-commerce websites, social media sites and online shops, an effective web design can surely make a difference!

Mistakes to Avoid in Web Design

To keep current clients coming back to your website, here are some practices you might want to get rid of to improve your overall web presence.

1.      Not Updating Old Web Pages

It’s less of a web design bug, but old web pages were designed with columns. These old websites look like web design errors, and they need to be redesigned so that the columns don’t mess up the mobile presentation of the site. 

2.  Not Enough Content; Too Many Details

Common mistakes made by web designers that compromise website traffic and success are putting too much or too little content on your website, including many confusing details that slow down your website, use too many fonts, etc.

3.      Lacks Visual Hierarchy

Another Web design flaw that most designers must avoid in 2019 is the strategic alignment of the visual hierarchy of content, including CTA.

4.      No Testing Phase

Once the development phase is completed, go into the testing phase, keeping in mind the web design mistakes you should avoid, and proceed with your website as quickly as possible. If you don’t get the results you expect from your SEO efforts, you should check the site for critical web design errors.

To ensure that your website does everything in its power to improve the outcome of your organization, it is recommended that you repair the website if there is a web design error you highlight on it, as well as any other common errors.

5.      Lacks Maintenance

A good web design would always have some kind of maintenance plan. This is to ensure that you are kept on the right track. You should carefully review and correct some of the most obvious flaws in web design and avoid them carefully.

By finding errors in web design, you can avoid most of these obvious errors right at the beginning of your web development process.

 6.      Not Hiring the Right Web Designer

Aside from these wrong practices at work, you must understand what web design is all about. If you’re outsourcing, make sure that a web designer needs to be aware of how to emphasize his principles and more than likely your website. This will help your business rather than harm it if you.


You can create an online space for your business that offers your visitors a full user experience and helps you build a strong online brand. Make sure you don’t frustrate your visitors with the most common mistakes and mistakes in your website design and content design.

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