What You Need For Effective SEO Work

SEO Fundamentals Every Business Should Know

When you engage an SEO service to create, revise and/or optimize a website for you, be sure to hire someone who isn’t only competent, but has a proven track record when it comes to the type of services you’re after.

It might not be readily apparent, but there are a number of SEO services that exist out there. It’s something that a lot of businesses need but aren’t investing in, so, naturally, businesses that do take advantage of SEO, in one form or another, are at a significant edge to those who don’t. You have to put yourself in the lead with a service that’s professional, offers competitive prices, and makes sure you’re taken care of.

1. Don’t Be Fooled With Search Engine Numbers

Make sure your SEO company submits your site to the 3 major search engines: Google, Microsoft’s Bing, and Baidu. The company needn’t — in fact, shouldn’t — submit your site to the hundreds of search engines that exist on the Web.

Most people only search using the 3 major search engines we’ve listed here and paid for submission to hundreds is a waste of your money. Be sure your SEO company doesn’t submit your site to more than around 30 search engines. Require that the company send you the list of search engines to which it submitted your site.

2. Do Be Concerned About Indexing

Ask to be told when your site is indexed by the search engines. Understand that this could take up to three to four months (although a site — rarely — can be indexed within just a few days). 

Indexing is a crucial part of your SEO campaigns because this is the only way for Google and other search engines to recognize and see your site. If you don’t do this, then no matter how optimized your content is, it will never rank on Google as it has not been submitted to Google’s database of sites to pull rankings from.

3. Get Updates Frequently

Require that the SEO company provide you with a monthly report regarding anything they’ve done to or for your site. This report should include a listing of any on-site SEO performed, as well as a list of search engines and web directories to which your site has been submitted. You also should ask for a progress report (monthly or weekly) on how your site’s rankings are faring/improving.

If the company you’re looking at doesn’t provide this information, it may be best for you to search for another option.

4. Review The SEO Work

Finally, and most importantly, your SEO company should create a site or revamp your current one to ensure it’s friendly to the search engines. On-site SEO tasks can and should include: writing informative, engaging keyword-optimized content; creating relevant title and meta tags; and peppering each page with relevant HTML code.

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