Why Ads Are Killing Your Website

Ads Are Killing Your Conversions

Are you noticing that your website is performing worse? There might be an explanation for that: ads. The ads on your site can hurt the page's performance and even make visitors leave before they finished reading what you want them to see. You may even want to get your website redesigned, too!

But before that, let’s discuss the reasons why ads can be bad for business. We will also give tips about how you can put a stop to these pesky advertisements.

1. Ads Can Be Distracting

When visitors come to your website, they want the content and ads to be complementary. It's essential for them not only to see what you're selling but also why they should buy it from you. When there is a barrage of ads on the page, it becomes much more difficult for people to find relevant or interesting information. This scenario is not only frustrating but can also cause a dip in conversion rates.

Thus, if you're looking for something a little more drastic than eliminating ads from your site altogether, you can use ads on another site and link back to your website. While direct links have been frowned upon in the past, they're becoming more accepted these days. As long as there are disclaimers or opt-outs for those who don't like promotions, links can work well as ad replacement.

2. Ads Can Be Misleading

Another thing to remember is that ads can be misleading.

Thus, avoid using a flashy banner to lure your visitors into clicking on something and finding out it's crap after wasting time, bandwidth, and other resources. This practice will make your site visitors mad and hurt the trust they have with your brand.

Also, only use ads that are relevant to your site. For example, if you have a travel blog with destinations in Asia, don't use an ad for an unrelated product or service simply because they pay the most money per click.

3. Ads Interrupt Your Site's Content

It's already hard enough to keep your visitors' attention with so many distractions on the web. So, why make it even harder for them by cluttering up their screen or page with ads?

You might think you would be able to charge more for ads, but if they're always getting in the way of what people are trying to read, they'll go elsewhere. The best ads are the ones that don't interrupt your site's content or annoy visitors and readers!

4. Ads Need Updating And Keeping Up With The Times

Another thing to remember is that ads need to be updated and changed like any other content on your website. If you keep showing advertisements that are more than a year old, visitors might think your company is out of date or hasn't been paying attention to what's going on in the world.

It can also be difficult keeping up with all of them. The best way to make sure you're staying on top of it is by using a tool like Google Ad Words Editor. This will help you keep everything updated and running smoothly!

5. Ads Can Make Your Website Slower

Do you know that ads can also slow down your website? If you have many ads on your website, this makes it difficult for visitors to load pages. This is because the browser needs to spend more time loading ads than content, and that's frustrating. This point especially applies when people are trying to read or watch something. They're waiting around while an ad loads in their face. 

It doesn't matter if you're running an ad network or just one advertisement. This extra work will slow down your website. That's why it's essential to have a balanced ads-to-content ratio so your site loads fast and visitors can enjoy the content you're trying to show them.

6. More Ads Mean Less Space For Your Own Products And Services

Although ads might be a way to monetize your blogs, they might also take away some of the much-needed attention you would otherwise get. In effect, the potential ROIs your business could have made are taken away by these advertisements.

Don't Let Ads Derail Your Business Growth

It's important to remember that there are plenty of ways for your business to increase its visibility without resorting to ads. You can promote social media, newsletters, and email promotions, so you don't have to annoy visitors on your website.

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