7 Reasons Why WordPress is The Best E-commerce Solution

WordPress Makes Ecommerce Easy

Although WordPress is a quintessential blogging platform, it is known for its enormous adaptability and versatility to become practically any type of website due to the huge market and availability of plugins, even free, with which you can add the functionality that you need to make your web design dreams come true. This is where WooCommerce, the eCommerce plugin for WordPress comes in.

Why a WordPress Website and Not a Site Dedicated to the eCommerce Business?

We understand of course that there is a great availability of free and open-source platforms to manage e-commerce sites, but the existence of WooCommerce implies the possibility of continuing to use WordPress with functionalities extended to the world of internet sales. WordPress is chosen by 30 percent of all websites in the world and 60 percent of websites among self-managing platforms. This choice is mainly based on its ease of use and learning for novice users. Therefore, there is no reason not to continue using this incredible platform even for your internet sales project.

What are the advantages of using WordPress and its Woocommerce Plugin?

# 1: It's highly customizable: 

This plugin presents itself as the most customizable eCommerce platform to create your online business. You can sell anything with WooCommerce from physical products, digital products, subscriptions and much more.

# 2: It is Open Source:

That is, you can modify the source code to adapt it to your own needs. This implies that you can create even more personalized solutions without overpaying. It has no product, user or order limits, and has the advantage of being supported by the global developer community, which is the main reason for the expansion and growth of this platform and plugin.

# 3: Modular system:

Its main goal is to stay light so as not to overload your site with unnecessary elements, so you can add only the functions you need and combine them with the power and ease of WordPress that has more than 36 thousand free plugins including optimization for search, advanced security, forms, shortcodes and many more.

# 4: It is compatible with the main payment gateways:

With WooCommerce it is very easy to accept the most popular payment methods such as credit cards and virtual wallets, providing the confidence and ability to pay immediately to provide quality services and speed. Following the same WordPress principle, the large share of the market it covers makes it the most chosen by developers who increasingly integrate payment methods to provide you with greater sales possibilities.

# 5: Themes and extensions to sell better:

To increase personalization and specific functionalities, WooCommerce allows you to add functions through extensions and themes to perfectly fit your online store or business. You can add the extensions to support payments with Paypal, Amazon Pay, Stripe and many more. There are also extensions available to manage shipments, email marketing campaigns, and other useful features when optimizing and managing all aspects of your store.

# 6: Customizable for your location:

To take full advantage of online selling, which is the extended reach to larger markets, you can take personalization further by setting the language and currency automatically based on the location of the visitor. It even allows you to change measurement units such as inches or centimeters, all in a simple and agile way. You will never have to make parallel sites for different markets, you can sell in the first place without worries.

# 7: Search for products within your site:

Turn your site into a professional sales page, allowing the customer to search and order according to various criteria that are useful to them, letting them choose the best option to buy the perfect product. This platform focuses on the customer experience so that you only have to worry about the relevant aspects as a seller.

In summary, using WordPress for your online store will bring you great benefits such as having a powerful integrated blog with which you can design an effective marketing strategy to promote your products and use SEO-friendly features to improve search engine rankings such as Google. The WordPress theme gallery will give you the best cutting edge designs, with adaptive capabilities according to the visitor's screen, making it totally responsive. Best of all, you do not need great knowledge to launch yourself into this world of the web with advanced functionality since this platform is known for being very user-friendly, which means that anyone can do it. The advantages are more than clear to adapt a WordPress site to a fully functional and professional store. What are you waiting for?

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