Lan Su Chinese Garden - Portland, Oregon

Lan Su Chinese Garden Attraction

Address: 239 NW Everett St, Portland, OR 97209, United States

Lan Su Chinese Garden is one of the most popular attractions in Portland, Oregon. Designed to resemble a traditional Imperial garden from Suzhou, China's southern Jiangsu province, it is an authentic and unassuming oasis from the hustle and bustle of downtown Portland. 


In the 1980s, Portland and Suzhou became sister cities. Portland mayor Vera Katz continued the efforts of building a Chinese garden in the town. The garden was conceived by Kuang Zhen and constructed by 65 Suzhou artisans beginning in July 1999 and was completed 14 months later.

The Lan Su Chinese Garden has become a part of Portland, Oregon‘s top tourist destination since opening its doors over 25 years ago. Visitors love exploring this peaceful space that features many waterfalls, lily ponds with koi fish swimming beneath their surface, winding pathways through lush foliage, bamboo forests, and more. The garden's tranquility is perfect for a lunch break or an afternoon with friends and family exploring Portland’s most authentic attraction.

Features And Amenities

The garden showcases several different styles and genres of architecture, including a Ming Dynasty-style garden with ponds and pavilions. It also houses common Chinese garden structures such as a gateway, a teahouse, an arched bridge, and the Five Elements Pagoda.

Lan Su Chinese Garden is one of the best-known attractions in Portland. Lan Su invites you to step back into an era where harmony and beauty are preserved through ancient design principles while exploring a rich fusion between traditional Eastern art forms and Northwest landscapes. Guests will discover a unique cultural experience that communicates age-old traditions with contemporary relevance.

The name of the garden is a combination of characters from the names of Portland and Suzhou. For example, the Chinese term for “orchid” is “lan,” which is a character from the Chinese translation of Portland (Bo te lan). Similarly, the character “su” in “Suzhou” also means “arise” or “awaken.” As a result, the garden's literary name, “The Portland Suzhou Garden,” can also be poetically translated as “Garden of Awakening orchids.” However, aside from orchids, the garden contains over 400 other plants, including bamboo, cherry blossoms, lotus flowers, and ginger.

Activities Or Things To Do

There are many activities that one can do at Lan Su Chinese Garden. Some ideas are listed below. 

  1. Enjoy a pot of traditional tea while contemplating the beauty and harmony.
  2. Visit the different structures found in the garden, such as the Celestial Hall of Permeating Fragrance, Painted Boat in Misty Rain, Flowers Bathing in Spring Rain, Moon Locking Pavilion, and Tower of Cosmic Reflection.
  3. Explore the various exhibits with an interactive touch screen display that offers an extraordinary experience.
  4. There's also a gift shop and a café.

Take the time to visit Lan Su Chinese Garden and experience this spectacular, age-old tradition with contemporary relevance for yourself!

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