Podcast Episode 1 – Overview



Hello, my name is Cody Wise. And my company is Sharp Tack Media. And this is episode 1 of the small business digital marketing and branding Trends podcast. I wanted to do this podcast for quite a while now. We run a digital marketing and branding agency. And so, a lot of these topics that I’m going to be covering. in this podcast for things that we deal with on a week-to-week basis, working with small and medium business owners.


These are things that especially right now, in light of more and more people going online for not only their business marketing but also for other branding messages in light of the Covid situation that are important for helping to really claim your digital footprint and get the most out of your online exposure for your company. And for this podcast, I’m looking to go over a number of topics 


Including small business and local marketing tactics and tips that you can use on a weekly basis. Some of these will be SEO probably some paid traffic stuff. And then also just making sure that you’ve claimed all of your free available assets online. Such as Google my business, your Bing listing and a number of other things that we regularly see 


a small business is really not taking advantage of. I probably will also plan to cover things on the web design side – how do you position your brand and website for Macs on the fact, I’m making sure that your business positioning isn’t too narrow, but also isn’t too broad – and that you just kind of play in an area that you can really dominate and take advantage of.


I will also cover topics such as – what you should look for if you’re hiring a web designer developer, what types of web hosting is available. Also, one thing that has recently become kind of a big topic that we deal with more than we used to, is what migrations and how to actually migrate your website and your brand from one web host to another without suffering any pitfalls 


or any nightmares that we’ve seen a number of companies have. We have kind of a checklist and it’s’ going to be probably, dedicated an entire episode to that topic. But yeah, I would definitely want to start this podcast to kind of get the information out there in the hands of small and medium business owners and definitely kind of help them capitalize on what’s available to propel their business forward in these 


uncertain times. So with that being said. I think that was a kind of a good overview of what I look to cover on this podcast, and I’ll look forward to seeing you in the next episode. Thanks. 


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